iPhone users are excited to see 2018 iPhone models, Say Reports

Apple 2018 iPhone models are just around the corner, and we are expecting to see something new from Apple this year. This year’s iPhones will be announced at Apple’s annual September event, but the firm has not specified when we are seeing new iPhone models. Last year, Apple announced three iPhone models on September 12. And, we believe that Apple does the same thing this year.

In reality, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X are a great success on the market. In the first quarter of the year, iPhone X shipments hit 16 million units, which helped Apple grab the number one position on the market, beating out Samsung and Huawei. Apple is expected to ship more than 20 million iPhone X units later this year.

According to the latest reports, iPhone owners are looking forward to seeing new iPhone models this year. Specifically, nearly 50 percent of iPhone owners are planning to upgrade to new iPhone models. The coolest part is that 42 percent of them intend to buy 2018 iPhone models.

The iPhone X remains the hottest item on the market, as nearly 20 percent of iPhone owners want to upgrade to the X, while 16 percent of people surveyed are planning to buy the iPhone 8. Basically, the amount of iPhone owners planning to upgrade to this year’s iPhone models is higher when compared to the last year.

In September 2017, the Cupertino firm debuted the iPhone X to celebrate the 10th birthday of its iPhone models. The X features a new design with an all-glass back design and a top notch. In reality, Apple was struggling to sell the iPhone X during its first weeks after launch. However, Apple’s move to adopt a top notch was met with a lot of controversies at launch, but this boosts the use of notch among top smartphone brands out there.

The upcoming iPhone models are expected to come with a new design and internal improvements. Besides, the upcoming iPhone X Plus will include support for AR glasses. This makes sense seeing that Apple purchased AAkonia Holographics, a company that makes AR glasses.

In reality, the iPhone X features Animoji, Apple’s AR feature that allows you to create animated characters in the Messages app. Apple has been improving the feature since the day one to offer a user experience. The 2018 iPhones will come with more emoji characters and better Animoji. In reality, Apple’s AR feature still shows signs of lags as it sometimes stops working on your iPhone X.

The adoption of Animoji puts Apple in contention with a lot of big names out there like Samsung and HTC. Sources say that Apple has been working on a new AR-enabled device for years. However, it remains when we are seeing it on the market.

Apple may announce a new 6.1 inch iPhone model this year. And the device will belong to the midrange segment. The phone will feature an LCD display panel and Face ID. The best part is that it will carry a lower price tag.

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