Whether you’re using a new iPhone 12 or a 2020 iPad Pro, these devices tend to slow down as they get clogged up with files and apps over time. Luckily, in this case, clearing cache is one of the best ways to give your iPhone & iPad a speed boost. So, here’s how to clear cache and optimize your iPhone and iPad.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone & iPad

Clearing cache is a no-brainer for most iPhone or iPad owners to regain some system speed. Here are the best ways to do it:

Delete Cache in Safari

  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll down to find Safari
  3. Open it and keep scrolling down until you see “Clear History and Website Data
  4. Tap on that option and a popup will appear.
  5. Choose “Clear History and Data” to confirm.

Note: Doing this will log you out of any websites you are currently signed into. So, make sure you remember all the passwords before doing this.

Remove Unwanted App Data

Data stored by other apps is probably the most common reason why your iPhone or iPad is getting slower over time. So, following these steps to fix it:

  1. Open Settings > General
  2. Next, tap on “iPhone Storage” (or iPad Storage if you’re on an iPad)
  3. You’ll see all of your app here.
  4. Find and delete any unwanted apps.

Note: You can enable “Offload Unused Apps” and “Auto Delete Old Conversations” in iPhone Storage, which automatically clears your cache to free up some storage space.

Free up Memory by Rebooting your iPhone/iPad

For the most part, Apple’s operating system does a great job of managing memory without any user involvement. But, sometimes, you should restart your device to free up the memory and ensure important apps have enough storage to run flawlessly.

Here’s how to restart your iPhone and iPad:

  1. Press and hold the power button until “Slide to power off” appears.
  2. Swipe it to turn off your device.
  3. Wait until it’s fully powered off.
  4. Then, press and hold the power button to turn the iPhone/iPad on again.

A reboot comes in handy if you want to refresh your device’s memory, thus speeding up your devices.

Download a Cleaner App

How to clear iPhone and iPad cache

Installing a cleaner app is normally the most effective way to optimize your iPhone. And, there are plenty of apps out there that do a quick and efficient job to clear cache on your devices. Here are our suggestions:

  • PhoneClean features Photo Caches, which is only available in the Pro version ($19.99/year) for a single device.
  • iMyFone Umate should help to quickly remove temporary and junk files from your iOS device. But, there’s a free version if you want to try the app out for yourself. Also, the full version is only $19.95/year.

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Let us know if you have any questions about clearing cache of iPhone and iPad in the comments!