How to Fix iPhone 6 Wont Turn On

Q. My iPhone 6 Wont Turn On…

A. If your iPhone 6 wont turn on, don’t worry, you can follow these steps to try and get it working again!

Steps to Fix your iPhone 6 That Wont Turn On

  • Make Sure the Battery is Charged. Try Plugging your iPhone 6 into a computer, or a wall outlet charger to charge the battery. If the battery was completely flat, the iPhone 6 would turn on with a black screen and the charging symbol. After the battery has started charging and has a couple % of battery life, you should get your Lock/Home screen.
  • If you suspect the battery is flat, but it won’t charge, try cleaning the charging port.
  • Plug into your Mac/PC and try a Software Restore/Reset. 

Try a Hard Reset

None of the above working? A hard reset may do the trick to revive your iPhone 6 that won’t turn on. Follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Home button (big circular button) and the Sleep/Wake button (on the side of your iPhone 6) simultaneously.
  2. Hold both buttons until the iPhone powers off and begins to restart.
  3. Let go when you see the silver Apple logo appear on screen. You’ve just performed a Hard Reset!
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