iPhone 12 Preorders Smashed Expectations with ‘Double’ those of iPhone 11

The first-day Pre-Orders for iPhone 12 hit more than twice those reported for the iPhone 11. And, most of those orders are actually coming for the iPhone 12 Pro. Read on to know why the iPhone 12 preorders increase remarkably this year.

The iPhone 12 Pro is selling better than iPhone 12

The preorders for the new iPhone 12 opened on Friday, 16 October. 

According to experts, the iPhone 12 Pro will unexpectedly be popular this year. And, they are right when the Pro model really sells as twice as what its predecessor did last year, even though the Pro does not bring a significant change to the series.

Here are the advantages of the iPhone 12 Pro over the 12 version:

  • An extra camera lens
  • LiDAR sensor
  • Small differences in brightness
  • Apple ProRAW
  • Night mode portraits
  • Max storage of 512GB 

Basically, you pay more money for just better quality pictures. Except for the added camera, there is pretty much nothing worth upgrading to the Pro models.

Although the iPhone 12 model was expected to be more popular than the rest, the early reports suggest that demand will split equally eventually.

Until all four models are available, here is what Apple analysts predict the following splits:

  • 10-15% for iPhone 12 mini
  • 30-35% for iPhone 12
  • 30-35%f or iPhone 12 Pro
  • 15-20% for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Expecting iPhone 12 Sales in the Future

Overall, Apple expects to ship between 1,7 and 2 million iPhone 12 units in the first 24 hours of availability – a big sales boost compared to 500,000 to 800,000 orders reported for the iPhone 11.  Some believe that the redesign and 5G support will considerably contribute to the strong iPhone 12 sales this year.

Also, rumors say that the iPhone 12 could beat the record set by the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with over 10 million units sold during their launch weekend.

In fact, official sales for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are now open in select countries out there. Some early report say that up to 2 million iPhones were sold during the first day of availability in Australia and New Zealand. We still need to wait a couple of days to get the exact sales number.

On top of that, Apple suggested that the iPhone 12 Mini sales could see a drop due to the lower demand for small phones in the Chinese market. The reason is the iPhone 12 mini doesn’t support dual SIM, which is very popular in China.

But, there are still two factors that will boost the demand for this year’s iPhones in China. The first is a low demand for Huawei smartphones, iPhone’s main rival in China, due to Huawei export restrictions set out by the Trump administration. The second lies in the fact that all iPhones 12 support 5G, something that’s very popular in China. Reports say that China now tops the world with over 110 million 5G users.

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