iPhone 12 Display Tinting and flickering Issues – How To Fix

At the “Hi, Speed” event, Apple introduced its new flagship line – The iPhone 12 models. They are the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Since then, the new iPhone has got a lot of praise and love from users. However, it also comes with several issues as well. Recently, a lot of reports from users and different forums have indicated that Apple’s latest flagship line is affected by display issues. Specifically, some iPhone 12 owners are experiencing tinting and flickering on their display.

So what are the reasons behind this issue and how to deal with it? Here is what we know so far

The Story So Far

In early November, a user on the official forums of Apple indicated that the tinting problem occurred on an iPhone 12 when the display brightness was lower than 90%. Specifically, he said:

Black pixels are not turning off in dynamic scenes. In a static scene, black pixels turning off after a few seconds,” Here is the picture that he posted:

Just a few days ago, a Reddit user also pointed out that the display on his iPhone 12 Pro Max flickered under specific conditions. Another user on Reddit claimed that the display on their iPhone 12 Pro Max flickered when they reached a certain percentage of battery or brightness.

“Definitely not noticeable when watching videos or movies even with the black bars on the sides, but now that I’ve seen it, I’m actually a bit bothered,” the Redditor wrote. In addition, several comments in this post and other posts are also claiming the similar issues on the new iPhone lineup.

iPhone 12 display tinting flickering

What Are the Causes?

Unfortunately, there is no exact explanation for these issues yet. Various theories have been set out. Some say it may be some issues with iOS 14. Other claims that there are malfunctions or flaws in their iPhone 12’s hardware.

How To Test If Your Phone Has This Issue

Here is what you need to do

  • On your iPhone 12, open the YouTube app.
  • Search “black screen test” and open the video in full-screen.
  • Set your phone brightness to 50%. Several users said that the flickering starts between 40% and 70%.
  • Now make sure your room is completely dark.
  • Press play on the video and don’t pause it.

Now you can see for yourself if your phone is having this issue or not.

Apple’s Action On These Issues

According to an internal document shared amongst Apple service providers, Apple is already aware of the reported green or yellow tints and flickering issues on some new iPhone 12 units.

Apple believes that this issue is a software-related problem rather than a panel issue. Therefore, they asked the service centers not to conduct any repairs or replacements on the affected phones. Instead, Apple recommends users to keep their phone software updated to deal with this problem. The company is working on all the display issues on iPhone 12 models, including flickering and green/gray glow.

iPhone 12 display tinting flickering

And that’s everything we know so far about the flickering and tinting display issues on the iPhone 12. For users who are experiencing this issue, your best shot is to wait for a patch from Apple. We will continue to update if there is a proper fix in the future.

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