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iPhone 11, the next generation of iPhones is here and, I must say, I’m impressed. At the time of writing, the iPhone 11 is unmatched to any other smart phone on the market (except, of course, the iPhone 11 Pro). This truly is an exciting time for Apple fans across the globe. So without further ado, let’s see what this new iPhone has to offer.

The Next Generation of iPhone

The new iPhone is leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors with its new A13 Bionic chip. Not only does it improve the performance of the iPhone 11, it does it in a highly efficient way. Reducing the battery consumption when using your iPhone. This new chip has some highly advanced technology that allows it to run 20x faster than the previous A12 chip and using up to 40% less power while doing it which, considering how strong the A12 is already, seems a bit overkill. Ultimately, comparing the iPhone 10 and 11 side by side, you wouldn’t notice the difference in performance. However, you would see the difference a few years down the line when the phones are a bit more worn down.

Say Cheese

So, we can’t talk about the iPhone 11 without talking about the cameras. The iPhone 11 comes with a 12mp Wide lens and a 12MP Ultra Wide lens. The Wide lens is nice, and as it says above, the new Wide sensor has 100% focus pixels for up to three times faster auto-focus in low light. This is all great, but not anything super interesting. Photos with this camera are, of course, better than the iPhone 10. You can see a lot more detail than before but these are now standard things that we expect with an iPhone upgrade. What is a lot more interesting though, is the Ultra Wide lens.

The Ultra Wide lens gives you so many more options for photos

The Ultra Wide lens actually takes a step back from your typical frame and gives you up to 4x more scene to work with. Although this looks good on landscapes, it’s equally good with close ups where you’d like to tell more of a story. The lens basically zooms out to 0.5, giving you a 120° field of view opening up a world of possibilities for all your photographic needs. If that’s not enough for you, then maybe you should take a look at the iPhone 11 Pro for an extra telephoto lens. In my opinion, most people will feel fine with just the regular iPhone 11.

Night Mode

The new Night Mode uses high tech software along with the A13 Bionic chip to take low-light shots like never before. The best part about the new Night Mode is that you don’t have to know a great deal about lighting as it’s done automatically (although there is a way to do it manually). Each of the photos that Apple has released has an extraordinary amount of detail considering the conditions they were shot in, it’s hard to believe it’s actually been taken with an iPhone.

Portrait Mode

An example of the new lighting effect in portrait mode

The new portrait mode is an interesting feature, it’s not. A new feature, but now they’ve added a new layer into how they take photos, semantic rendering. This allows your phone to detect subjects in a more intelligent way, so then it can focus on the detail of them. And it really does make features pop a lot more. Now, thanks to the Ultra Wide lens, you can also take nicer portrait photos of your pets. It also allows you to add a more creative depth of field to your photos.

Available in 6 New Colors

The new iPhone 11 in all its colorful glory

The new iPhone 11 is available in 6 new colors: purple, white, yellow, green, black and project (RED). For those who are unaware, project (RED) have been working with Apple for over 12 years now. A portion of each purchase goes towards counseling, testing, and medication to prevent mothers from passing HIV to their babies. So far, Apple customers have helped Apple raise over $200 million for (RED).

The verdict

The new iPhone 11 is a nice upgrade to the iPhone 10, however, I feel like it’s over shadowed by its more expensive big brother, iPhone 11 Pro. In general, they’re quite similar, but lacking a third camera makes all the difference.

What do you think?

Will you be buying an iPhone 11? Which model will you pick? Let us know in the comments!

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