iPadOS – The Future for iPads

The new OS for iPads is here and now it has it’s very own OS especially designed for iPads, the iPadOS. So what can we expect? Well, we already know quite a bit thanks to Apple’s new keynote speech at WWDC 2019. The iPad is getting a huge upgrade making it quicker and simpler for all iPad users. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into it!

New Home Screen

The new iPadOS has greatly utilised all the space that we have with an iPad screen giving you a sidebar with all of your favorite widgets available to you when you need them, great if you fully utilize your reminders with the help of Siri, But also useful if you just want to know what the weather is like or want a shortcut to access your latest photos. If you’re not a fan of this feature, or you just want to declutter your homescreen, dont worry, all you have to do is swipe up and your widgets will fade away!

Home Screen
Having widgets on the home screen is a great way to be more productive in whichever way suits you

Slide Over and Split View

Slide Over and Split View have made working on an iPad a lot more effortless and now with a few tweaks, they’re now even more helpful! You can now have multiple Apps open in Slide Over which you can easily switch between making it easy to chat on messenger or change the music without having to leave the project you’re already working on. To switch between apps, just simply slide right. If you’d like to see all the apps on Slide Over you can simply swipe up.

Slide over
Slide Over’s new features make it easy to multitask

Alternatively, you can now use split screen to open two apps at the same time. What this means is that you can have the SAME app open on each side! This means you could have two notes apps open at the same time so you can work on two different documents. Two photo apps to help you organise better or even two safari apps so you can look at two different tabs simultaneously. The possibilites are endless making this the most productive iPad feature yet!

Split View
Split View allows you to run the same app twice, side by side

Text Editing

One of the best new features are the new ways to edit text with plenty of new shortcuts to make your editing life a lot easier! Let’s start off with selecting your text. You can select a block of text by simply holding your finger over it and dragging it across the text. If you want to just select a single word, simply double tap it, a sentence? Three taps, a whole paragraph? Four taps, easy.

Now for the smartest shortcut from the new update, copy and paste. to copy your selected text, simply pinch the selected text with three fingers. To paste, drop the text with three fingers (See video below). Made a mistake? swipe left with three fingers and it’s undone. These features truly scream Apple in it’s simplicity and yet again has made working a lot simpler.

Dark Mode

Finally, iPad welcomes you to the dark side! One of the most highly requested features is finally available. Your iPad is bringing you a new look and also lowering the strain on your eyes. It’s easily turned on and off from the Control Center. Alternatively, you can have it stay on light mode until sunset.

Dark Mode
Dark Mode can bring a new look to your iPad

The Verdict

Breaking off from iOS13 and giving us our own iPadOS was really such a smart move that I didn’t see coming. For the moment we have some great new features (including new features for keyboard and Apple Pencil) but as iPadOS is now a new and independant OS, we can expect to see some more great updates on the horizon!


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