iPadOS 13.1 | In-Depth Look

It’s been a couple of days since iPadOS 13.1 has been released and we’ve been working tirelessly to give you a full, in-depth look at all the features new to iPad. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

The New Home Screen

One of the first changes that you’ll note is the new App layout on the home screen. It’s now a 5 by 6 App layout, giving you 30 Apps on display on one screen. This is 50% more than the old home screen and its 4 by 5 App layout. The other major difference is the new Today View. Today View is a way to see your daily tasks and your more frequently used Apps.

To see the Today View, simply swipe left and it will appear alongside your Apps. Alternatively, if you’d like to keep the Today View on permanently. Simply scroll down to the bottom of Today View, click edit, and clicking the Keep on Home screen option. Whilst on the edit menu, you can also customize what you’d like to see on the Today View. Just simply drag up the Apps or widgets to the Pinned Favorites section.

The Floating Keyboard

One of the new features is the floating keyboard. There was a way before that if you tried to pull your thumbs away on the keyboard, you could separate it into two parts so you could type with just your thumbs. Now, however, there is a new floating keyboard which allows you to type one handed. To use this feature, long press on the keyboard icon on the bottom right of the keyboard and press Floating. This will make reduce the keyboard into a tiny square. Allowing you to type one handed and with ease. It’s also possible to use Quickpath to type on this keyboard as well.

Desktop-Class Browser

The new “Desktop-Class Browser” is better, but still not quite there. It doesn’t feel like you’re using a normal computer yet, still some small things to sort out, but it’s definitely better than before. One really nice new feature is the downloads folder. This is one of the best things about using a regular computer over an iPad. I’d never actually download stuff onto my iPad except for photos before as it was just too much effort. Once you’ve accepted to download your desired file, there is a small download icon that appears next to the address bar on the right. To access your downloads, simply click the downloads icon and click the magnifying glass icon next to the downloading file.

New Multitasking Features

A new slide-over feature has finally come to iPad. Before we had some options, but no where near what it’s like now. You can add new columns to your screen so you can have two Apps running on the screen at the same time. On top of that, you can also add even more Apps to the slide-over. To add new Apps to the screen, simply press on the app you wish to use and drag it onto the screen where you’d like it to go. If the App gets in the way, you can always just drag it from the top of the App and take it off the screen. Don’t worry, it’ll still be there waiting for you when you need it.

Easily Switch between Apps

You can now swipe between Apps incredibly easily, you no longer need to use the awkward three finger swipe technique. Now it’s as simple as swiping between Apps by swiping at the bottom of the screen where that small bar is. It’s also possible to see all the Apps at once by sliding up from that bar and all of your currently open Apps will present themselves.

The same is true for the slide-over Apps. Both of those features work the in the same way with the slide-over App, just use the small bar at the bottom of the App. But wait, there’s even more. You can also move one of your slide-over Apps to full screen or to Split View. To make an App full screen, simply drag the desired app using the bar at the top of the app and drag it to the top center position and release. For Split View, just drag the desired App to the left or right of the screen depending on where you’d like it placed. All of these features are possible with the same App. Meaning that you could have two Notes open at the same time.

These are by far the most productive features on iPadOS 13. It’s saved me so much time already and it’s only been a few days. Split View was possible before iPadOS 13 but only for use with Safari.

New Files Features

Files has had a bit of a revamp with the iPadOS 13. The first thing you’ll notice is that all the files will now be displayed in a column view. For me personally, I never bothered to download files onto my iPad as I found it irrelevant. I found the whole process confusing and, quite frankly, annoying. The new features make downloading files feel more familiar and also a lot easier than ever before. It is also now possible to connect to external servers. To connect to an external server, click the three dots above the browse menu, click Connect to Server, and type in the address of your desired server.

You can also use an external drive which is as simple as you’d expect it to be. Just plug in your drive, wait a few seconds and it’ll appear as you would expect from a regular MacBook. You can also use Side View or a slide-over App to quickly and easily transfer files. This can be done either from your external drive or to your external drive by simply dragging the file to it’s desired location.

New Photos Features

For the Photos App, there are a considerable amount of new features, mainly inspired from what the new iPhone 11 Pro can do. There’s a bunch of new editing features for photos, but the main bonus of all these new editing tools is that they can be used for editing video as well! This includes things like cropping, editing the brightness and the intensity of those effects. On top of that, you can even zoom in whilst you edit, a small, yet effective tool.

Apple Pencil Improvements

The first thing is an improved latency with the Apple Pencil. It now works basically on the same level as a real pencil. there’s also new functions you can do with the Apple Pencil like taking a screenshot. To take a screenshot with the Apple Pencil, simple drag in from the corner of the screen with the Pencil and it will zoom out ready for your screenshot. You can also take a full page screenshot of an entire website if you’d like, complete with your annotations thanks to your Apple Pencil.

New Copy and Paste Gestures

With iPadOS 13, copy and pasting just got a hell of a lot easier. To copy and paste, pinch in with three fingers to copy, repeat the action again to cut and simply pinch out to paste, easy.

Dark Mode

Last but not least, iPadOS 13 has brought us Dark Mode. One of the most anticipated features of most Apple fans and it’s finally here. There isn’t too much to comment on this, it works well with both first party and third party Apps. To easily toggle Dark mode on or off, simply go to the command center and you’ll see a new icon at the bottom for Dark Mode.

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