“iPad Unavailable” Message: What Does It Mean and How to Fix

Not sure why your iPad says “iPad unavailable” on the lock screen. No worries, you are in the right place. This article includes our step-by-step guide on how to fix this error. Before proceeding with our solutions, let’s find out what the message means and its common causes. 

What Does The “iPad Unavailable” Message Mean?

The “iPad Unavailable” message is a security feature introduced in iOS 15.2 to prevent unauthorized access from accessing your tablet. Basically, your iPad will stop working if you enter the incorrect password several times. It’s similar to an iPhone feature that disables your phone after multiple incorrect password attempts. 

iPad unavailable

However, there are times when your iPad gets buggy or glitchy, thus preventing you from accessing your device. In this case, you cannot use your tablet until you reset it. Another cause is that your device is running an outdated software update. So, ensure that you keep your device up to date. 

How to Fix The “iPad Unavailable” Error Message

There are several workarounds for bypassing the “iPad Unavailable” error screen. We will cover all of them in the section below. 

Method 1: Using iTunes

This is one of the most straightforward solutions to fix iPad Unavailable without the need for any third-party tools. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: You will need a Mac or a Windows PC with iTunes installed.

Step 2: Now, put your iPad into recovery mode. The below steps apply to all iPad models without a Home button. 

  • For Macs running macOS Catalina or later, open Finder. On Macs running macOS Mojave or earlier, open iTunes.
  • Plug your iPad into your computer using your USB-C cable.
  • Press and release the Volume Up button, repeat the process with the Volume Down button, and then keep the Top button pressed until you see the Recovery mode screen.

Step 3: Open iTunes or Finder on your computer, and you should see the Restore option. Click Restore from the pop-up menu.

Method 2:  Using The Erase iPad option

If your iPad is now running iPadOS 15.2 or later, you can easily fix the iPad Unavailable error message without needing a computer. This is possible thanks to a new reset option called Erase iPad introduced in iPadOS 15.2. 

Step 1: From the iPad Unavailable error screen, you should see two buttons at the bottom, including Emergency and Erase iPad.

Step 2: Press Erase iPad and tap again to confirm your action. 

Step 3: You will be asked to enter your passcode to confirm. 

Method 3: Via Find My iPad 

If you have the Find My iPad option enabled, you can remotely reset your device from someone else’s iPhone. 

Step 1: Visit the iCloud official website and sign in with your Apple ID credentials.

Step 2: Select “Find My iPhone” and select the iPad model from the list of “All Devices.”

Step 3: Click Erase iPad to remove your iPad’s screen passcode so that you can reaccess it. 

Method 4: Via Auto Erase

If you have set up Auto Erase on your iPad, you can use it to bypass the iPad Unavailable error screen. Here is how.

Step 1: Open Settings > Tap ID & Passcode.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap the Erase Data option.

Step 3: Once you have enabled the Auto Erase option, your IPad will automatically be erased if you enter the incorrect passcode 10 times.

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