iPad Pro (2018): Everything we know so far about Apple’s next gen iPad Pro

Apple iPad is a great success on the market, with hundreds of millions of units sold. Apple has been busy improving its iPad lineup since the day one, making it smarter and faster. Back in 2015, Apple released the iPad Pro series to the public in an attempt to take on Android-based tablets on the market. The Pro lineup of tablets delivers a greater power and an impressive performance, helping you do the majority of your work in the blink of an eye. The first iPad Pro was widely welcomed, with praise directed at its hardware changes and exclusive features. However, the iPad Pro failed to replace the traditional PCs on the market, so Apple rushed the release of the second generation iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro 2 retains what we have loved about the first model while adding a number of new things to the tablet series. One of the best things when it comes to the Pro 2 lies in its A10 X Fusion chip under the hood. The new chip offers a much-improved performance compared to the A9X chip. It’s been more than one year since Apple debuted the iPad Pro 2, and there was no mention of the iPad Pro 3 at Apple’s September event. This raises concerns among the community about the company’s ability to create an innovative iPad Pro. However, sources say that Apple has been working on a refreshed iPad Pro at its facilities. Some reliable sources claim that the Cupertino firm has been testing a number of prototypes which appear to be the next generation iPad Pro.

In this article, we have rounded up everything we know so far about the new iPad Pro. For some background, it remains unclear when we are seeing the new iPad, but sources say that Apple will hold an event in November for its new iPad.

  1. A top notch

Smartphones with notches are becoming more popular on the market. In reality, Apple is among the first to embrace the notch on its iPhone model, which boosts the adoption of a display notch among Android manufacturers. All of this year’s iPhones feature top notches, so there is a good chance that the next iPad Pro is jumping on this trend. According to sources, the next generation iPad Pro will feature a top notch, making it the first tablet with this design trend. Tech experts claim that the Cupertino firm has been working on two iPad prototypes with notches at its facilities, which hints a possible release of two iPad Pro models.

iPad Pro

In iOS 12, Apple has moved the control center to the right of the screen, paving the way for a top notch. However, tech watchers claim that a notch on the new iPad Pro models is not possible as the larger display of the iPad makes it difficult for the notch to work properly, so Apple needs more time to work on it. Rumors claim that Apple will announce a new iPad Pro this year, but the device will retain the same design language as its predecessors. And the biggest difference between them lies in their bezel sizes. Specifically, 2018 iPad Pro will come with smaller bezels to make room for a bigger screen.

  1. No home button

Last year, Apple introduced the iPhone X, the first iPhone model with no home button. Apple’s move received mostly positive reviews as it is aimed at making the phone bezel-free. Sources say that the upcoming iPad Pro will mark the removal of the home button. If you have been using your iPad for a long time and have become habitual to the physical button, you will miss it. The removal of the physical button makes room for new home gestures. In reality, we have been accustomed to gestures on iPad for a while. In iOS 11, Apple introduced the App Dock that stores your recently-visited apps. To get the Dock, you simply swipe up from the bottom of the display. Swiping up to the middle will open up the multitasking screen.

iPad Pro

Besides, we now have a Files app for iPad. Basically, the Files app gathers all of your files in one place. You can easily pick and drag apps and folders, and then drop them in another folder. It seems that iOS 12 is hinting at a new iPad Pro with no physical home button.

  1. Face ID and wireless charging

Face ID was first introduced alongside the iPhone X last year. The feature allows you to unlock your iPhone with a simple glance. This year, Apple has improved Face ID on its iPhone models, making it faster and smoother. Sources say that the upcoming iPad Pro will feature Face ID 2.0 at launch, making it the first iPad model with this technology. Tech experts say that Apple has been working on integrating Face ID into its iPad lineup for months and is now ready to announce the device to the public.

Some reliable sources claim that this year’s iPad will feature wireless charging at launch, allowing you to charge up your phone quickly. Wireless charging is not new, but it was not ready for iPhone until last year. Tech experts say that wireless charging on the iPad will be faster and better at launch.

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