iOS 16.1 Fixes Major Security Flaw on iPhone; Discover how to update

iOS 16.1

Apple has just released iOS 16.1, which includes many important security fixes and new features. One of the most notable new features is that you can now see your battery percentage on more iPhones. This update also includes Live Activities, which give users a real-time view of what’s happening on their devices.

iOS 16.1 was just released this Monday (24). For users who want to keep their iPhone protected, it’s essential to update the system because more than just adding new features – Apple fixed a serious zero-day security flaw discovered by the company after release and been exploited by third parties.

The vulnerability we’re talking about is CVE-2022-42827, which could allow hackers to remotely execute malicious code and gain access to the core parts of your iPhone.

On the official page about security updates for their devices, Apple states that this vulnerability was previously exploited. The company, however, should have elaborated on this and understood the impact of the failure. However, as with most zero-day failures, this one shouldn’t have that much of an impact on average iOS users.

This is because the vulnerability is exploited mainly by hackers targeting specific individuals, such as journalists, politicians, and environmentalists – the same audience for which the new Lockdown mode in iOS 16 was released. Despite this, it’s essential to update your device as a precautionary measure.

To update your iPhone to iOS 16.1, go to Settings > General > Software Update and follow the on-screen prompts. It’s recommended that you back up your device before updating to prevent any data loss during the process.

More iOS 16.1 Features

Besides fixing this security flaw, iOS 16.1 includes some new features, such as Live Activities, which adds real-time updates from compatible apps to your lock screen. This means you can follow a game’s score or check an order’s status without even opening the app compatible with Live Activities.

Another long-awaited feature in this update is expanding the battery percentage view to more iPhone models. This option was previously limited to some versions, but now all users can easily see their battery level at a glance.

iCloud-shared libraries also become available with this update, allowing users to easily share albums of photos with friends and family. This can be useful for planning trips or events, as everyone in the shared album can contribute their pictures without manually sorting them all separately.

This update is available for all iPhone models starting with the 8, so update your device for added security and new features. For more information on iOS 16.1 and other updates, visit Apple’s support page or check out their official site.

Source: Apple e 9To5Mac

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