iOS 14.5 Update: What’s Coming to your iPhone

With the launch of iOS 14.5 beta 2 recently, the official release of iOS 14.5 is coming closer than ever. And, this time the newest iOS will come with a bunch of new features and improvements. After testing all sorts of interesting additions in the new beta, here is what we’re expecting in the upcoming iOS 14.5 update.

iOS 14.5 Release Date

It is worth mentioning that there’s no info on exactly when iOS 14.5 will launch until now. However, we have many reasons to believe that it’s coming very soon. Because the iOS is already available in both public and developer betas, so we expect the official release date would be around this September. 

Additionally, Apple has launched a new 14.x version every month since the launch of iOS 14. Plus, iOS 14.4 started rolling out at the end of January. So, perhaps, we could see iOS 14.5 as early as next month (March). Below are the 5 most interesting iOS 14.5 features that we’ve heard about so far.

Mask Support for Face ID

Face ID in iOS 14.5 update

Face ID is probably the best way to unlock your iPhone up to date. But, that is until we all have to wear masks. Therefore, Apple is trying to make it great again in the upcoming iOS 14.5. Well, at least for Apple Watch owners because now you can unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch! 

With this feature, you’ll be able to use your Apple Watch to authenticate your identity on your phone whenever it is unlocked. This means you can simply unlock your iPhone by using the “Raise to wake” feature. Then, the Watch will tell you that it has done the trick with a buzz on your wrist.

Even though this is a great tool for unlocking iPhone, it doesn’t work for other things that rely on Face ID, like authenticating Apple Pay or App Store purchases. But still, if you have an Apple Watch, this feature will save you lots of precious time. Also, the feature is already available in iOS 14.5 beta 2 for developers. So, we really expect this to land in the full release.

Default Music Player of your Choice

iOS 14.5 update

On iOS 14.4 and earlier versions, we are stuck with Apple Music as the default music player. But, iOS 14.5 finally introduces a feature that Apple users have been requesting for years. Now, you can choose your favorite music app as the default music player easily.

Note that Siri will ask what app you want to use the first time you choose a song. And, Spotify is one of many other supported music apps here. After that, that app should always be your default music player. Unfortunately, the beta version seems to have some teething problems and isn’t consistently working at all time. Hopefully, these issues will be fixed before the final version of iOS 14.5 is released.

App Tracking Transparency

iOS 14.5 is also expected to include a new privacy feature called App Tracking Transparency. This new layer of protection will require apps to get your permission before sharing any activity and data with websites and third-party apps. In fact, this sharing data is actually often used for adverts. For instance, Facebook is one of many apps and websites that make big use of it. 

Now, with App Tracking Transparency, users will be able to block any data sharing if they prefer. Also, Apple insists that users still have full access to apps even if they do enable App Tracking Transparency.

PS5 & Xbox Series X Controller Support

All gamers will appreciate this addition of PS5 and Xbox Series X controller support in iOS 14.5. Some developers reported that this feature has been found in the public beta. And, it will be a handy upgrade not only for these consoles owners but also for those who use Apple Arcade. Besides, this would be even more useful for gaming on an Apple TV. Although this feature isn’t yet confirmed for tvOS, we expect it will soon be added to Apple TV.

Crowdsourced Alerts in Apple Maps

Apple Maps in iOS 14.5 update

Even though most of us can’t really go anywhere at the moment, this new update will be a potentially handy new feature for those who use Apple Maps. In iOS 14.5, you can report accidents, hazards, and speed checks on your journey. And, if there are enough red flags at the same location, a new warning about it will appear on Apple Maps. This could be a game-changer for Apple in the competition with Google Maps.

Other Features that Might Show Up in iOS 14.5

Presentation Mode in FaceTime

iOS 14.5 update

Among other things, the year 2020 will be remembered for the reliance on video-conferencing apps. And, this experience actually points out the limitations of Apple’s FaceTime.

One feature that makes FaceTime a less appealing option than Zoom or Skype is the lack of a presentation mode. Now, if your colleagues want to share their screen in a meeting on a Mac, they will have to use other third-party apps. Adding a presentation feature to FaceTime would definitely make it a much easier choice for Apple users who have been working from home due to the pandemic.

Widgets on the Lock screen

Another change that arrived in iOS 14 was Widgets. This feature has proved itself as one of the most favorites in the iOS 14 update. But, what Widgets lack here is the ability to have them on the Lock screen. Giving the Lock screen additional controls would save users from having to unlock the device and navigate to the widget’s location.

More Languages in Translate

Apple added a Translate app to its iOS 14, giving users a more effective way to translate other languages. Plus, you don’t have to download Google Translate anymore!

However, the app only supported 12 languages at launch, which is far less than other rival apps and services. So, we want to see big improvements to this in the upcoming iOS 14.5. Otherwise, having the Apple Translate app would be a waste on everyone’s iPhone.

Well, that’s pretty much all of what is coming to iOS 14.5! Also, it’s worth noting that there’s a chance some of these features and updates won’t turn up because sometimes features in beta don’t make it to the finished release. But, we’d certainly expect most of them in the new iOS 14.5.

Let us know what you are expecting in iOS 14.5 in the comments! 

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