iOS 14.5 Problems and How to Fix

Even though iOS 14.5 has been out there for a few days, many issues and bugs have been reported by iPhone users. While some are more annoying than others, they will definitely ruin your iOS experience. Below you’ll find the most widely reported issues along with possible fixes.

iOS 14.5 Battery Draining Fast Problems

Thanks to this new iOS 14.5 update, the battery estimates errors of iOS 14.4 are fixed. However, some iPhone battery issues still persist and bother a wide range of users, even with the latest models. In fact, many iOS 14.5 users have reported sudden and unusual drops in their phone’s battery life as it now drains so fast. 

Based on our experience, this issue tends to happen when users install a new version of iOS. Luckily, it is only temporary! So, you will probably see it disappear when your iPhone gets used to the new update. But, if you’re really desperate, then here are a few fixes that can improve the situation.

Follow these steps to fix iOS 14.5 battery draining problems:

  • Reset your iPhone. Simply turn your phone off and see if that clears out the problem. Also, doing a factory reset then restoring your iPhone might fix the issue.
  • Check Battery Health Status. There are other things to look out for if this battery loss issue continues. In this case, you should check if your device battery is still in good status. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. 
  • Manage iOS 14.5 Settings. Another trick is to turn off apps refreshing in the background or switch off location services within apps. To do this, head over to Privacy > Location Services. 

Unable to Update iOS 14.5

To download the latest iOS version, your device needs to be an iPhone 6S series or newer. During the process, if you see a message like “Unable to check for update” or ‘Unable to install update”, follow the steps below to fix the problem:

  • Delete the beta version. If you find yourself unable to download iOS 14.5, you probably downloaded the iOS 14.5 beta. To delete that version, go to Settings > General > Profiles.
  • Reinstall iOS 14.5. Apple suggests heading to Settings > General > Storage to delete the current iOS update in your device. After that, return to the Software Update menu and reinstall it to see if that fixes the issue. If that fails too, try updating to the latest iOS via iTunes by connecting your iPhone to a computer.

Note: make sure your Wi-Fi connection is stable and there is enough free storage on your iPhone when updating to iOS 14.5.

iOS 14.5 Typing Lag

Tying on your device suddenly becomes so laggy for no reason? You’re not alone. Many iOS users have complained about keyboard lag after downloading the new update. To be more specific, the text and key pop-ups don’t appear for several seconds after typing.

If that is the case, you can solve the issue by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

Bluetooth Not Working on iOS 14.5

Among several common iOS 14.5 problems, Bluetooth not working is one of the most annoying ones. And, lots of iPhone users have reported this problem since upgrading to iOS 14.5. Even though the iOS 13.5.6 updates were supposed to bring a fix, they don’t appear to solve the issues entirely for everyone. Below are the best methods to deal with this Bluetooth problem:

  • If you can’t connect your iPhone to other devices via Bluetooth, try turning this feature off and back on again.
  • If your iPhone can not connect to a particular app via Bluetooth, go to Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth to check if you’ve turned on Bluetooth for the app.

Additionally, make sure that your Bluetooth accessory is closed and fully charged for the best result.

Have you successfully fixed your iOS 14.5 problems using the above methods? Let us know about it and what issues you are dealing with in the comments!

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