iOS 12 features: What we want to see in iPhone X

iOS 12 is just around the corner, with a lot of new features and changes. Apple’s new operating system will be unveiled at this year’s WWDC event in June. iOS 12 is expected to hit the public in September, adding a huge improvement and skills to existing iPhone models, including iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

iPhone X is among the first iPhone models to receive the iOS 12 software update this year. The X is Apple’s special iPhone, marking the first model to come with a curved OLED display and a notch at the top of the screen. Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone also introduces a number of different gestures that may take some getting used to.

iOS 12 is expected to fix some existing issues while adding exciting things to iPhone X. In the section below, we have compiled a list of what we expect to see in iOS 12, so it may make your experience with iPhone X less painful.

  1. Control Center placement

The adoption of a curved OLED display on iPhone X leads to some gestures. To access Control Center on the iPhone X, you need to swipe down from the top right corner of the screen. A lot of iPhone X owners have reported that they are still not used to this gesture, thus forcing them to adopt for another route.

iOS 12 is expected to change that. Rumors say that Apple is working on a new user interface in iOS 12, which paves the way for a re-positioned Control Center for the X. In reality, iOS 11 introduced a redesigned Control Center, making it more customizable and visually appealing. There is a good chance that Apple will pour a lot of love into Control Center again this year.

  1. Battery percentage

iPhone X offers stunning OLED display, with more details and much-improved picture quality. The X’s screen delivers an exceptional experience for users, ranging from playing games to watching YouTube videos. However, there is still something missing, which lies in battery percentage.

We are being serious. You cannot view the battery percentage in the status bar on your iPhone X. The only way to do this is to perform a swipe-down from the top of the screen, which is a little exhausting.

In iOS 12, we want to see Apple add an icon for battery percentage at the top of the display. This comes in handy as it allows users to quickly check how much battery they have left, without pulling down the entire settings menu.

  1. Much-improved Face ID

With iPhone X, Apple removed its traditional Touch ID in favor of a new security measure called Face ID. As the name implies, Face ID allows you to quickly unlock your device with a simple glance. However, Face ID has its own issues that may pull you off.

A number of iPhone X owners have reported that Face ID fails to work properly, forcing them to unlock their device using passcodes. In iOS 12, we are expecting to see a much-improved Face ID with better security system and faster unlock.

Rumors say that Apple will introduce the second generation Face ID alongside new iPhone models in September. This makes sense, seeing how Apple upgraded Touch ID in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

  1. Ambient mode

The ambient mode is not something new out there as it has been available on Android devices for a while. Samsung is one of the leading brands to adopt ambient displays in its products. Last year, Google announced the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL with the Ambient mode, allowing you to quickly see your notifications without actually waking up the phone.

In other words, you still can see your notifications while your screen remains black. Some sources say that Apple will bring ambient mode to all iPhone models this year, hinting that Apple will adopt OLED displays for this year’s iPhones.

  1. Picture-in-picture

Picture-in-picture is one of the highlights of iPad, allowing you to watch your video while doing other things. This means that you can watch your favorite videos while editing emails or even playing games.

Rumors regarding a possible iPhone release of PiP mode have been around for months. If this is the case, Picture-in-Picture for iPhone will work similar to that for iPad.

  1. Dark mode

iPhone owners have been dying for a dark feature for years. Apple is fully aware of that and they secretly added a feature called Smart Inverts to iOS 11. In reality, Smart Inverts feature only converts the user interface into a dark mode while preserving the rest of the content.

However, Smart Inverts feature has not satisfied our dark mode needs. iOS 12 is expected to come with an official dark mode. Let’s wait and see.

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