iOS 12 beta 2: All new features and changes

Apple officially announced iOS 12, the next generation iOS operating system at WWDC 2018 following months of rumors and reports. iOS 12 is not a huge upgrade over its predecessors out there as it mainly focuses on fixes for the problems we found in iOS 11 while introducing small features.

However, iOS 12 is still worth your time as it comes with some iOS things we have been expecting for years, like screen time, grouped notifications, new animoji characters, and many more. Apple released the first beta of iOS 12 shortly after the unveiling event, giving developers a preview of what the final build will include.

Like any other beta version, the iOS 12 beta 1 included several bugs and errors, ranging issues with connectivity to installation issues. With that in mind, Apple has just announced the second beta of iOS 12 that includes fixes for bugs and glitches.

Basically, iOS 12 comes with improvements to features we saw in the first beta while improving the overall performance. If you are planning to get the second beta of iOS 12 for testing purposes, then we have rounded up all of its new things in the section below.

Before proceeding, keep in mind that iOS 12 is still in beta stages, so bugs and glitches are inevitable. We recommend you stay with iOS 11.4 and wait for a stable release to come out.

  1. Screen time

Screen Time is one of the highlights of iOS 12. This is definitely something we have been expecting to see in the final build of iOS 12 this September. The feature will let you know how much time you are spending on your device or using your iPhone apps. Besides, you can also see which apps are distracting you the most.

In reality, Screen Time is not something new out there as it has been available in Android P for some time now. With iOS 12, Apple is finally making it an essential part of the iOS operating system.

In the second beta of iOS 12, Apple gets rid of a toggle for clearing Screen Time data, while revamping the main interface. Apple’s move aims to make everything clearer for users worldwide. With the second beta, you now can see more info about an app by simply tapping on its icon, something missing from the first beta.

Besides, you now can view activity on a single device under All Devices section within the Screen Time settings page. There is also a splash screen that shows up when you open Screen Time for the first time.

  1. Notifications

In iOS 11, Apple poured a lot of love into Notification Center, making it more customizable and visually appealing. In the first beta of iOS 12, the company added the ability to group notifications by apps, allowing you to better manage apps on your iOS device.

With iOS 12 beta 2, the Cupertino company introduces a new toggle in the Notifications section. Apple’s move aims to help users quickly toggle off Siri for certain apps. Basically, Apple retains what we saw in the first beta. An option called Quiet is still there, allowing you to mute notifications on your iOS device.

  1. Face ID

With iPhone X, Apple removed the traditional Touch ID in favor of a new security system called Face ID. As the name implies, Face ID allows you to quickly unlock your device with a simple glance.

Apple has been improving Face ID since the day one in an attempt to offer a faster unlocking experience. However, Face ID still has its own issues that may ruin your day, ranging from unresponsiveness to slow unlock.

In the second beta of iOS 12, Apple adds a popup menu saying “Scanning with Face ID” when you are trying to unlock content using Face ID. This lets people know that Face ID is working smoothly on your device.

  1. Photos

In iOS 12, the Photos app receives a lot of new things, making it faster and smarter for users to edit their photos. The app now offers search suggestions, allowing users to search content within the app.

In the first beta of iOS 12, Apple added a new “For You” tab that suggests filters and effects that you want to add to your images. In the second beta of iOS 12, the app supports more advanced searches. Specifically, you now can search for photos taken during a specific period of time.

Other features in iOS 12 beta 2 include better Voice Memos, smarter password autofill, and even more.

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