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Each week we will be reviewing one of our favorite games from Apple Arcade. There’s a lot to choose from and this week we shall be reviewing INMOST. INMOST, in my opinion, is by far the greatest game I have found on Apple Arcade so far. The characters, writing and the soundtrack are all incredible. So, lets break it down into more detail.

The Design

The general theme of the game is somewhat depressing, but the melancholy vibe that the game gives you just makes you want to unravel the mystery behind the story. You play as three different characters; a man, a girl and a knight. All of their stories are linked somehow and as you wade your way through the game, you are still scratching your head to what the link actually is. 

The writers were incredibly patient with the way they have presented this story, giving you small morsels for you to savor along the way but it’s a long crawl before you begin to piece things together. This isn’t a bad thing, INMOST still keeps you distracted with lots of little puzzles and even some more fast-paced moments.

The Characters

So as I mentioned earlier, there are three different characters that you follow in this game which have different abilities and their own challenges.

The Girl

The game starts off with you playing as the girl. She’s quite slow and she cant do too much as, well, she’s just a kid. You will work your way through the house unraveling the mysteries of the house as well as making some friends a long the way. The girl’s story is by far the saddest. Sadly, it’s also the slowest, which sometimes is sorely needed after some intense scenes but other times it feels like you’re being slowed down.

The Man

The next character you play as is the man. He’s quite an interesting person to play as. It still feels like you’re solving puzzles but in more of a platformer style. The absolute best thing about the man is that you have no way to defend yourself, which sounds negative but it really does kick the tension up a notch. This game is never safe, there’s plenty of creatures that want to hunt you and you’ll most likely die quite a number of times on your first play through. And when all you can do is run and hide, it makes for some incredibly tense moments through the game.

The Knight

The Knight is by far my favorite character. He gives you a feeling of revenge as you slice up monsters that you were previously running from. In general, he’s just a cool character. He carries a sword and a grappling hook, can smash through walls, can attack enemies and quickly dash out of the way before they hit him back. As far as the storyline goes, he shares some of the harsher moments with the player.

The good

Great writing, well designed and just incredibly satisfying to play. Playing as the knight and slashing your way through the levels is by far the greatest feeling, but I also do enjoy the sheer danger involved with playing as the man as well. The music in this game is also just awesome, every scene has the perfect music to get you in the mood for what’s happening.

The Bad

As mentioned earlier, playing as the girl can be annoyingly slow. I like all the puzzles with her, I just wish she could run around the house or something just to speed it up a bit. This is the only thing that I found to be annoying. The game recommends headphones and a controller, for me I didn’t use either and I still felt the controls to work effortlessly (after a little practice). 

The Verdict 

If you’re getting Apple Arcade or currently own a subscription, what are you waiting for?! This is the game you should be playing. I just wish it was available on more platforms (Currently available on steam, also) so I could get my friends without Apple products to play it. One important thing to note, INMOST is not suitable for small kids as their is a lot of death and monsters in it.

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