iMac Pro 2 release date, price and all the latest rumors

The new iMac Pro is on the way this year and there are a lot of things we expect to see from Apple’s next-gen Pro computer. It’s been nearly two years since Apple first debuted the iMac Pro and it’s time for the successor. In reality, the iMac Pro 2 has been the subject of relentless leaks and rumors, hinting at the impressive changes coming to Apple’s next Pro computer.

The iMac Pro is still a beast when it comes to handling your daily tasks. However, it has started to lag behind its siblings like 5K iMac (2019) and MacBook Pro (2018). So, it’s time for Apple to consider unveiling the iMac Pro 2. In the section below, we have rounded up everything we have heard so far about the iMac Pro 2.

Release date

The first iMac Pro was set for April 2017 release, but it was delayed to December for unknown reasons. The next-generation iMac Pro was rumored to steal the spotlight at Apple’s March 2019 event, but it was nowhere to be found. In reality, Apple once confirmed that the new iMac Pro is in the works, but it did not specify when we would see it.

We have heard rumors that Apple will unveil the new iMac Pro at this year’s WWDC event in June. In reality, Apple officially confirmed the date for its event, but it remains unclear what it will announce.

There are also rumors that the next iMac Pro will use Intel’s Cascade Lake W chip at launch. Cascade Lake Xeon chips have been on the market for months, but none of them feature a W model. This could be because Intel is keeping the W processors back until the new iMac Pro comes out.


The current iMac Pro is one of the most expensive computes on the market. The base model now retails for $4,999 in the US. For that price, you will get Intel’s 8-core Intel Xeon W processor, Radeon Pro Vega 56 GPU, and 1TB SSD storage.

You can configure your iMac Pro with a few different options like an 18-core GPU, Vega 64X GPU, and 4TB SSD storage. Of course, those upgrades won’t come cheap. A maxed out iMac Pro now costs up to $15,699. That’s a lot of money for newcomers.

We expect to see the same pricing tiers when the new iMac Pro comes out. That means that the price of the current iMac Pro could see a drop.


The 2017 iMac Pro retains the same design as the standard iMac as Apple focuses on under-the-hood improvements. In reality, Apple made some changes to the cooling system, making the device cooler under heavy use. Sources say that Apple could reduce the bezels on its next iMac Pro while maintaining the same look.

Tech experts say that the new iMac Pro will come with the same design as the current model, which seems right to me. To be honest, I don’t think the reason you grab an iMac or iMac Pro is design. The only thing that matters is internal components.



The iMac Pro can handle everything you throw at it. Apple is even making it more powerful by adding 256GB RAM and Radeon Pro Vega 64X graphics option. Those upgrade options come with eye-watering price tags. In reality, you don’t really need a Vega 64X GPU on your iMac as it is already a beast.

iMac Pro test
iMac Pro with 18-core chip test

I ran some tests using the iMac Pro with 18-core Intel chip, Vega 64 GPU, 128GB of RAM, and 4TB SSD storage. I will keep you updated with I lay my hands on the Vega 64X model. Basically, these 18-cores did not disappoint me as they showed a huge boost.

When it comes to reading and writing speeds, the 4TB SSD is not much faster than the 1TB and 2TB, which is a little bit surprising seeing that 4TB is a $2,400 upgrade.

We expect to see the next generation Xeon W processors in the next iMac Pro at launch. In reality, Intel has not specified when we are seeing them, but they are said to come out in mid-2019. Reports say that the new chip will feature 18 cores, but it will be much faster than the current gen and support DDR-T Optane DIMMs.


The Vega 64X is now available as an upgrade option, but it is not for everyone. The Vega GPU really makes a difference when it comes to editing videos and gaming. In reality, native macOS gaming still disappoints me as you need to run BootCamp or an external GPU. However, if you want to some new games on your iMac Pro, then you are good to go.

Most games out there work on the iMac Pro. I tested some games and they ran at 1080p 80fps with medium-high settings. However, graphics-intense games like the Witcher 3, Just Cause 4, and PUGB were a little bit laggy on 4K resolution and ultra presets.

The next iMac Pro will use the next generation Vega GPU, but it remains unknown what AMD will call it. However, Apple will ditch the Vega 56 and use the Vega 64 as the entry- GPU option.

GPU options
GPU options

If you are a pro user who wants to play some games on your iMac, then I highly recommend you grab the Vega CPU model. To be honest, the Vega 64X is powerful, but it is not massive.

Wrapping Up

iMac Pro 2 preview

Release date WWDC event (June 3)
Price $4,999 for the base model with upgrade options
Design Same look with smaller bezels
CPU Cascade Lake W chips
GPU Vega 64 for the base model

The iMac Pro is a powerful computer, but it is now lagging behind its siblings like 5K iMac and MacBook Pro (2018). The next-generation needs to make a difference if it wants to reclaim some ground lost to its Mac brothers out there.

Let us know your thoughts on the iMac Pro 2 in the comments below.

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