iMac 2021: Release date, Price, Specs, Rumors, and Other Leaks

It has been a long time since Apple properly refreshed the iMac. While the new iMac is expected to launch with Apple Silicon chips, Apple could also bring in a new design and potentially some new display tech. From release date to leaks, here’s everything we know so far about the iMac 2021.


The latest iMacs feature IPS LCD displays with a resolution that can top out a 5K display. With True Tone tech and nano-texture glass, the 2020 iMac display is very impressive and totally worth investing in. So, there is a chance that Apple will keep surprising us by bringing the full 5K Retina display to the smaller iMac this year.

Other potential upgrades are improved colors and better True Tone, which can automatically adjust the color of a display to match the environment. Meanwhile, some leaks show that Apple could go for a mini-LED display on its iMac 2021. The new mini-LED tech features thousands of tiny LEDs which are used to form the backlight of a display panel. And, that means better contrast and better color reproduction compared to normal LCD panels. However, this kind of tech could be quite expensive for the standard iMac. So, we think Apple will possibly save it for a new iMac Pro.

The rumors from China Times suggest that the new iMac screen will measure 23-inch diagonally for the small version and 30-inch display on the larger iMac. Currently, the 27-inch iMac offers 5,120 x 2,880 pixels for a 5K Retina display. Meanwhile, the smaller 21.5-inch version allows 4,096 x 2,304 pixels for a 4K Retina display. But, with a 30-inch display and smaller bezels, the new iMac can accommodate the 6,016 x 3,384 pixels for Retina 6K resolution.

2021 iMac Redesign

The current iMac design has been there for pretty much a decade now. Even though the design still looks really sleek, it might be a little bit dated when compared with other modern computers. Large display bezels and chin on the all-in-one computer is a huge drawback when it comes to competing with other competitors on the market. Besides, a patent application discovered in January 2020 shows an iMac design that is constructed from one sheet of curved glass. This leak indicates that Apple is totally working on an alternative design for the iMac.

While some rumors suggest the new iMac will have a design that’s closer to the Pro Display XDR, others say it could have a more outlandish design with an integrated keyboard. We will not be surprised to see Apple integrate hardware into the computer stand like the Microsoft Surface Studio 2. This might make the new iMac look like the Pro Display XDR with a thicker stand and back. 

On top of that, what people really want to see is slimmer display bezels, especially for the iMac 21.5-inch. Also, the Biometric login technology which is facilitated by a webcam or power button with Touch ID would help make the iMac 2021 more complete.

iMac 2021 with Apple Silicon Chip

iMac 2021 with new Apple chips

The first Apple Silicon chip is one of the biggest successes of last year’s Macs. The M1 chip not only helps increase the device efficiency but also outperforms some of the best laptops with Intel processors. And, that is only Apple’s first attempt at making in-house chipsets. This year, it might not be the M1 Chip that Apple uses in the new iMac. In fact, Apple is reported to be working on a more powerful M1X Chip (12-Core CPU and a 16-core GPU).

Whether the 2021 iMac is equipped with the M1 chip like the M1 Macs, or a brand new custom ARM-based chip, it is clear that Apple’s new computers are getting more powerful every year. Also, it will be interesting to see if Apple can pull the same trick twice and create a chip that beats even the best Intel processors. 

However, note that the M1 chip doesn’t support external GPUs. So, this might be a huge disappointment for people who use their iMac for heavy gaming or video rendering. Additionally, there are also some leaks that hinted about a new desktop-class Apple Silicon chip (potentially called the A14T). This chip is expected to come paired with a custom Apple GPU.

iMac 2021 Release Date 

iMac 2021 leaks

The release date of the 2021 iMac has not been confirmed yet. However, there are rumors that an Apple event might take place this March where we could see the release of new iMac models. 

Meanwhile, Apple revealed new iMacs multiple times around in the summertime in the past. And, sometimes the event is in line with the WWDC. With this in mind and other rumors, we think the new iMac will arrive in June, which matches the time of WWDC 2021.


Again, there’s no concrete info about the price of iMac 2021. But, like other previous iMacs, we believe Apple tends to keep its products starting price relatively the same. The only exception here is the leap in price between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. 

As Apple is likely to use its own “in-house” chips for the new iMac, this can keep production costs in check because there is no extra fee for third-party processors. Last year, we had the 21.5-inch iMac at $1,099 and the 27-inch iMac at $1,799. We expect the iMac 2021 price will be around this price range, possibly even a little cheaper at the lower end. However, if Apple really adds things like next-gen PCIe 4.0 SSD storage, then we can see a small hike in price at launch. 

The Bottom Line

Even though what we’ve discussed so far is all based on rumors and leaks, we’re sure that the new iMac is definitely coming this year. And, if the rumors are true, we will see a very interesting next-generation iMac that is totally worth waiting for. Stick with Macexpertguide for more iMac 2021 updates!

What features and updates are you expecting from the iMac 2021? Let us know about it in the comments!

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