How to watch Youtube videos in Picture-in-Picture mode in MacOS Sierra

Picture-in-Picture mode is one of most noticeable features for iPad in iOS 9. Basically, picture-in-picture mode allows iPad users to shrink video and continue watching and listening while using other apps. In reality, picture-in-picture mode is not a new concept, as it has existed on Android for quite some time. However, it is something that all Apple fans have been waiting for since the launch of the original iPad.

The bad news is that this exciting feature is only available on a single iOS device, iPad, which means that you cannot use PiP mode on your iPhone or iPod Touch. However, the good news is that Apple has finally brought this iPad-inspired feature to its desktop operating system, MacOS Sierra. That means you can watch Youtube videos while working with other apps without having to quit an app on your Mac.

In reality, Youtube does not officially support Picture-in-Picture. However, you can easily have PiP for Youtube videos on Safari with some simple tricks.

In this post, we will show you how to get Picture-in-Picture mode for Youtube videos in MacOS Sierra.

Before we get started, make sure that your Mac is running Apple’s latest version MacOS Sierra, which is currently available as a beta. One more thing is that your Youtube videos can only be watched in PiP mode if you are using Safari web browser. Here we go.

Step 1: First and foremost, navigate to Safari and launch it on your Mac.

Step 2: Visit using your Safari web browser.

Step 3: All you have to do now is to right-click on the video that you want to watch in PiP mode.


Step 4: A menu will appear, and you need to right-click again to bring up another menu.

Step 5: Click on the Enter Picture-in-Picture from the menu.


Step 6: Once it is done, your video will be pinned to a corner of your Mac’s screen so that you can watch and listen while going on to do other tasks.

That’s it! You can enjoy the taste of other apps while watching your favorite videos on your Mac. If you want disable the mode, click on the icon that appears at the bottom of the video.


MacOS Sierra is Apple’s new desktop operating system version. It has received mostly positive reviews from users and experts thanks to its new features including Siri, auto unlocks and more.

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