How to use FaceApp on your iPhone

FaceApp has been on everyone’s lips recently. Basically, the app uses your iPhone’s rear and front snappers to map your face. The coolest part is that it can change your gender and age or de-age you. FaceApp has gained a lot of attention in recent weeks and is one of the most used apps from the App Store.

While FaceApp is so much fun to use, it raises concerns about security and privacy. In reality, there has been reports that the app is deliberately sending users’ photo libraries to Russia. However, FaceApp denied all the claims against its own app.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps on how to use FaceApp on your iPhone.

What is FaceApp?

FaceApp uses artificial intelligence algorithms to make you look older or younger. The app first released to the public in 2017 and suddenly became a top trend in Instagram and Facebook. It received more than 5000 reviews on the App Store, making it one of the most used apps in 2019.

Like any photo-editing app out there, FaceApp requests access to your photo libraries and includes the ability to take photos within the app. To download FaceApp, you simply need to head to the App Store and hit the Install button.

How to Use FaceApp

Once you have it installed on your iPhone, simply launch it. From here, you should see a series of filters, including 😀 Smile & 😀 Smile 2, 👶 Young, 👴 Old, 👩 Female, and 👦 Male. Try using one of these filters and you should see something magical.

Step one: First off,you should see a overlay and just simply position your face within the overlay.

Step two: Hit the Shutter button and the app will start processing your photo (it may take several seconds). Once done, select your desired filter and hit the Save button to save your work.

Step three: Hit the Share button under the image and then select where you want to share your photo. There are also options to share your FaceApp photos to Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

How to Add FaceApp Filters to Photos from Your iPhone’s Photo Library

FaceApp allows you to add filters to any photos stored in your library, which is pretty cool. Here is how.

Step one: Press All Photos along the bottom of the screen and then select a photo you wish to apply filters for.

Step two: The app will process the photo and then you can select a filter for your photo from the list.

Step three: Now just simply hit the Save button.

How Much Does FaceApp Cost?

FaceApp is basically a free app, but there is still an option to upgrade to FaceApp Pro. In reality, the Pro version does not add many more features over the free version. All you will get is more style filters and you pay $3.99 per month. To be honest, the free version offers everything you need and there is no reason to spend extra money on a bunch of filters.

Wrapping Up

FaceApp is a fun app that allows you to spice up your photos. Basically, the app adds some creativity to your static photos by using filters. However, there have been some reports of photo leaks and security problems. Indeed, reports say that the app is uploading users’ photos to a server in Russia.

If you hardly use the app, we recommend you uninstall it. Make sure you delete your data from the app. To do this, open FaceApp, go to Settings > Report bug and send logs and ask for your data to be deleted. FaceApp says that it may take a while to delete all of your data.

What do you think of FaceApp? Let us know in the comments below.

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