How to Unlock iPhone 7 / 7 plus

The iPhone 7 is finally here. If you cannot get over the fact that your brand new iPhone 7 is now locked to a carrier, believe me, because you are not the only one. In reality, locked iPhone is not a bad thing, however, it comes with some drawbacks that disable the ability to switch to another carrier domestically and overseas.

I, myself, owned a locked iPhone 7, but I am now free and I will tell you how I removed all the shortcomings such as ridiculous fees, poor network availability and customer service later in this article.

Unlock iPhone 7 guide
Unlock iPhone 7 guide

How to unlock iPhone 7/7 Plus

Speaking of unlock, IMEI unlock method seems to be the best option, as it is safe and permanent, so you’d better cast aside all other unlocking methods cause they all are SCAMS and there might be chances that your phone will get re-locked in the future.

“Relocked iPhone”, this reminds of a painful past.  It was two years ago when I first unlocked my shiny iPhone 6, I gave all my money to a stranger that promised to unlock my iPhone. However, what I got back was an iPhone with a voided warranty and my iPhone being put in a permanent Blacklist on Apple servers. I then figured out that they used the hacking method to get my iPhone unlocked, so I recommend you stay away from these cheap services.

There are tons of unlocking websites out there, but I recommend you visit to unlock iPhone 7. However, before exploring why iPhoneIMEI is always my recommendation. Here are three methods I used to unlock my device, but not all of them worked for me.

1. Software unlocking (It won’t work, don’t try to use it)

Software unlocking was once the most used method to unlock an iPhone, it was first made available on the days of iPhone 3G. However, software unlocking is a dirty lie cause this method only works for iPhone 3 or older. I used to try to software-unlock my iPhone 5s, but it did not work.

The bottom line is: Stay away from software unlocking

2. Hardware unlocking (dangerous, do not use it)

This can work, but, it will put you at risk. Hardware unlocking is where someone replaces the physical hardware of your device, which is very dangerous. This method may be effective, but it is more expensive than you think.

Are you willing to give your new iPhone 7 to someone you have never met before and let him use his greasy hands to physically crack open your iPhone and modify your phone’s hardware? No, I would not do that if I were you. If he succeeds, what you will get is an iPhone with a voided warranty, or if he fails, you will get a broken iPhone which is exposed to dust and dirt. Believe me, do not use this unlocking method. I tried and I failed dramatically.

3. Unlock iPhone 7 by whitelisting IMEI (the most effective and safest method)

IMEI unlocking serves as the most reliable and safest unlock method for your shiny iPhone 7. IMEI unlock is where the status of your iPhone is changed from being locked to being unlocked on the Apple database. This is something I highly recommend to all of you.

—o0o—, the top IMEI unlock provider

You may be wondering what makes iPhoneIMEI stand out from the sea of other IMEI unlock providers. Here is why:

When I first bought my new iPhone 7, I went through all websites on the internet, desperately searching for a trusted IMEI unlock provider and that’s when I found Honestly, I was skeptical in the beginning. This website, like any other website on the internet, delivers IMEI unlocking service for all iPhone models, but when I read through all customers’ reviews, I decided to put my trust in iPhoneIMEI.

However, is not the only place where iPhoneIMEI stands out. At, the fees for unlocking are much cheaper than other competitors in the market. (17% cheaper) and they offer different price ranges depending on your location. When I first came to, I was wondering if I would lose my money again. Luckily, this website uses PayPal as their primary payment method and they have a 100% money back policy.

Speaking of customer service, honestly, I am very satisfied. I contacted them three times and they responded very quickly with all the information I asked for including their step-by-step guide for completing the unlock. One more thing is that their unlock times were unbeatable (an average of 48 hours), which is amazing.

In conclusion

These are three unlocking methods I used to unlock my iPhone. However, you’d better stay away from software and hardware unlocking, and it’s best to go with IMEI unlocking method, cause it is safe, permanent and no additional software are required for the unlock process. is always my #1 recommendation when it comes to unlocking iPhone because the website has the fastest unlocks, responsive customer support and cheapest prices.

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