How to turn up your iPhone alarm volume

Sleep is very important to our health, but we also need to get up in time for appointments and meetings. Almost everyone today owns at least a smartphone, so we rely on our iPhones with a classic alarm tone to get us out of bed.

However, you may have noticed that iPhone alarm sound remains quiet, causing heavy sleepers to miss something really important, which is very frustrating. Luckily, there are some simple workarounds that make your iPhone alarm sound louder to make sure nothing is missed.

How to make iPhone alarm volume louder

1. Maximize the volume and enable Do not Disturb mode



Normally, when you crank up your iPhone alarm volume to its possible maximum level, it applies to all sounds, which could be a nightmare when you receive a phone call in the middle of the night. That’s where Do not Disturb comes to the rescue. Do not Disturb is a nice setting for iOS devices, as it silences calls, alerts, and notifications. Make sure you have enabled Do not Disturb mode before falling asleep.

2. Connect your iPhone to external speakers



If maximizing the volume does not work, you can connect your iPhone to external speakers to make the alarm sound louder. There are many ways that you can use to connect your device to outside speakers: Bluetooth connection, computer stereos and more. However, note that using external speakers not only wake you up but your whole neighborhood.

3. Choose a louder alarm sound

Your iPhone offers tons of alarm sounds to pick from, and you can easily select an alarm sound that is louder. You can go to Alarm in the settings and edit the sound. Make sure to avoid softer tones like Silk, Twinkle or Waves. Instead, you should try using Bark, Digital or Sencha.



If alarm sounds don’t work, you can pick a song from your iTunes collection. Don’t select your favorite songs. Instead, try something new or even you hate as long as it helps you wake up.


4. Try something else


You can amplify the sound of your alarm by using placing your device in a cup, a bowl, or you can make your own alarm sound amplifier.

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