How to Take Great Photos on iPhone in Low Light

Shooting low light photography is pretty challenging as it takes time and so much effort. A failed attempt results in your images being noisy, blurry, and especially you end up in frustration. But, no worry! There are still some tips that can help you master low light photography . Read on to find out how to take great photos on iPhone in low light.

Use Slow Shutter Speed

When it comes to taking pictures in low light, the first rule is slowing down the shutter speed. In case you didn’t know, shutter speed or exposure time is the length of time when digital sensors inside cameras are exposed to the light. Therefore, the more time the shutter takes to close, the more light gets.

Stabilize your Camera

It is necessary to keep your iPhone camera stable to avoid any blurry or shaky image in every situation. So, this tip is all about keeping your camera still and steady. You can either hold the camera tightly or place it on a stable object like a tripod or a table for extra support. Also, we don’t recommend using selfie sticks unless it’s necessary because it’s quite shaky. 

Turn on Flash

Take photos on iPhone in low light with Flash

Flash or no Flash? Well, this feature has always been there to improve light conditions while photographing on iPhones. However, don’t overuse it because your images may be too light.

In addition, the only way to control your iPhone flash right now is to use another app like Camera+. It’s easy to use and allows shooting in both RAW and TIFF formats!

Don’t Zoom

According to some professional photographers, you should “zoom with your feet, not your camera”! This means it’s better to move a little further or closer to the subject rather than zoom in/out on your iPhone. Of course, you can still use this feature if it’s impossible to have a closer look. In that case, we suggest cropping or editing your images after you take a shot. This will also keep the resolution intact.

Use HDR to Get More Details

Another helpful tip you should know when using iPhone for low light shooting is to use HDR. This feature catches the details that normal cameras usually miss in low light conditions.

HDR (high dynamic range) helps you get great shots in high-contrast situations by taking several photos in rapid succession at different exposures and blends them together. This will give more highlight and shadow detail to your photos. Additionally, the HDR is enabled by default. However, check this if you want to make any adjustments.

Whether you use a new iPhone 12 or an older version, trying these techniques to get some beautiful images in low light. Let us know if you have any questions or any tips to take great photos in the comments!

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