How to share files between Macs

If you have more than one Mac, there will be times when you want to share files between your computers, or you simply want to transfer your files to your friends or colleagues. In reality, there are various ways you can use to exchange files between Macs. Here are some of them.

1. Email

Email is among the easiest ways to share files between two Macs. This could be useful if you have one or more small files. All you need to do is to create a new email message and add an attachment to it and send it. If you have an IMAP account, all your sent files will go to mailboxes on both Macs that you have.

2. File Sharing


File Sharing is the basic way to share files between Macs. To do this, you need to launch the System Preferences, select Sharing and activate File Sharing. If you want to access another Mac’s files, hit Command +Shift + K, and select “Browse” to search for the second Mac you want to connect to. Once it is done, double-click the computer that displays and enter your username and password. From now on, the second Mac will act as a folder in the Mac OS X, and you can easily drag and drop your files in it.

3. DropBox

If you have more than one Mac, you can create a DropBox account and use it to sync files between multiple Macs. All you need to do is to place all of your files in your Dropbox folder on your Mac and you will see your synced files stored in the second Mac.

Besides, you can use DropBox to transfer files to another Mac. To do this, click Public folder in your DropBox folder and drop a file in it. Right-Click on that file, select DropBox > Copy Public Link.

4. iCloud Drive


In iOS 8, Apple introduced iCloud Drive for the first time. Basically, iCloud Drive allows users to store photos, documents and music. Besides, Apple’s cloud computing service lets its users send and share data to other users. To share files between Macs using iCloud Drive, choose Go > iCloud Drive, you will see a number of folders. You can add more files or create your own folder. Once it is done, you will be able to access your file on any other Mac.

5. AirDrop

AirDrop is among the most used tools to share files between multiple Macs. To do this, activate AirDrop in the Finder on both Macs. Drag your files on top of the icon of the computer that you wish to send your files to. Make sure that AirDrop is enabled on both Macs before you start transferring files between Macs.

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