How to Replace Broken MacBook Screen at Home

Replacing a MacBook Pro screen might sound like a very difficult task that requires professionals. However, it’s really not that complicated. In reality, you can do this on your own with some step-by-step instructions and a few common tools. Here is our tips on how to replace a broken MacBook Screen for you. Make sure you follow our guide.

Note that replacing your MacBook screen yourself may void warranty. If you are still covered by Warranty or Apple Care, then take your laptop to Apple support.

1. Setup Your Repair Area

Well, you’ll want to get everything in order first. So, be sure to set up a workplace that is clean and free of any obstructions. Next, grab all of the tools and materials you need in order. Here are the required materials: 

  1. new MacBook screen to replace the old one
  2. A hair dryer
  3. Screen cleaning cloth
  4. suction cup.

2. Heat Up to Loosen the Screen

How to replace broken MacBook screen at Home

Feel free to keep your MacBook on during the whole process because it can actually help you see better when removing the screen. Now, turn on the hair dryer and heat along the edges of the broken MacBook screen. Doing this will soften the glue. 

Keep your hair dryer close to the edges in order to increase the heat and speed up this process. Our tip is to try to focus the heat on the 4 corners for less than 5 minutes.

3. Remove the Broken Screen

After you have heated the screen edges, attach the suction cup by pressing it firmly to the glass. Lift up slowly and your screen should come off of the laptop right away.

In case your MacBook screen is too damaged and it crashes into small pieces during this process. We suggest using your hands to remove the screen instead of the suction cup. Starting by gently peeling the broken screen from 1 corner to another. Repeat this process until you remove the whole thing. Moreover, we recommend putting a paper underneath your screen to protect the LCD.

4. Clean your MacBook

Using a clean cloth to clean the display surface underneath the old screen. Wipe out all of the fingerprints and vacuum-clean from your MacBook if possible. Besides, make sure you remove every broken glass that is still left on the edges. 

5. Install a New Screen

Begin by removing the adhesive strips that surround the edges of your new screen. Also, remember to hold the screen by the corner to avoid touching its underneath. Then, put the new screen in place and make sure it is correctly aligned. Gently press the edges of the screen with a clean cloth again to attach it to your MacBook.

6. Final Steps

Once the new screen is in place, removea the screen protector. Give the edges another round of heat from the hair dryer to make sure everything is done perfectly. Then, use a cloth to press around the edges firmly one more time. Wait for around 1 hour and your new screen is now installed!

It’s not that hard, right? Honestly, this task doesn’t require any special technique at all. So, don’t worry too much if you want to fix your MacBook screen by yourself. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments!

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