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Let’s face it, the iPhone is one of the best tools that you can utilize. But even the sharpest blades get dulled overtime. If you optimize your iPhone it will be in good shape throughout the years and just make it a better smartphone in general. So, here are some of our best tips for keeping your iPhone optimized.

1. Optimize Music Storage

This is a smart way to clear up some space and optimize your iPhone and make it run a little bit faster than before. Sadly, there is a downside to this as it will remove some of the music you have stored on your iPhone when your storage is low. But it will only be songs that you havent listened to in a while.

To optimize your music storage, first go to settings and select Music. From there, select Optimize Storage and then turn it on. From here you’ll see minimum storage options (shown below). For this, you are choosing the minimum amount of songs that you would want to keep. But, be warned. Choosing none, means that as your storage fills up, you will possibly lose all music on your iPhone.

2. Optimize your iPhone’s Battery Charging

Optimized battery charging allows your iPhone to reduce battery aging. To do this, your iPhone learns from your daily battery charging routine so it can wait to finish charging past 80% until you need to use it. To do this, open Settings and choose Battery, then choose Battery Health and then turn on Optimized Battery Charging

3. Turn Off Analytics

Your iPhone sends iPhone, iCloud and Apple Watch analytical data back to Apple so that they can improve their product. This is great for Apple, but for you, it’s a lot of background work that you may not want your phone doing. To turn these analytics off, go to Settings, then choose Privacy and then Analytics. From here you can turn off all desired analytics. This should help your iPhone run a bit smoother as well as make your battery last that little bit longer.

4. Turn Off Some of your Location Services

Please note that I am saying some location services and not all location services. Although if you did turn off all location services off, it would make your battery last a lot longer. But, it would be better for some of those services to keep their location services on (e.g. Maps). To turn off any location services, first, open Settings. Then select Privacy, followed by Location Services. From here, you can see a long list of Apps that use your location and how often they use it. Iwould recommend giving yourself some time to go through the list and think about which Apps truly need to see your location. Above all, if any Apps say Always, make sure you at least switch them to While Using. Just changing your phone so that none of your Apps are always using your location will drastically change how quickly your iPhone is drained.

5. Close Apps That you’re not Using

This is a habit that every Apple device user should know to optimize your iphone. Closing Apps that you’re not using will always clear up some extra memory space and make everything run a lot smoother. For older models of iPhone, double tap the home button to open up your windows. Then swipe up on the Apps that you aren’t using. For newer models of the iPhone without the home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to half way and you’ll see your windows.

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