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Zip files are great for storing plenty of large files in one place without taking up too much room on your iPad. They’re also an ideal way to transfer large amounts of data between your devices. That is, as long as you can get into the zip file and extract them.

If you have an iPad, you can open zip files and extract everything inside without having to download any new apps. At the time of writing, it still isn’t possible to create Zip files on an iPad without the use of a third-party app. However, you can always just create the zip on your computer, then send it to your iPad.

How to Open Zip Files With an iPad

1. Firstly, find the Files app on your iPad. It should look like a blue folder with a white background (picture below). Alternatively, you can just say “Hey Siri, open Files.”

2. Locate the zip file that you wish to extract.

3. Select the zip file, this should look like a piece of paper with the word zip on it. (Picture below)

4. Tap Preview Content

5. Now find the file you wish to extract, and tap the icon in the top right corner of your iPad.

6. Tap Save to Files from the taskbar at the bottom of the popup window.

7. Choose where to store your newly extracted file and then click Add.

And there you have it, you should have your file extracted and ready to go. There are also third party apps that can help you to extract zip files. But we feel the process isn’t too complicated and hopefully our guide helped you!

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