Most Common AirPods Issues and How to Fix Them

Most common AirPods Issues and how to fix them? The AirPods Pro presents crackling, static sounds, and faulty noise cancellation. To fix them, refer to the Apple Program or check the software being used. 

Is Apple selling defective products?

Apple is a well-known company, they release many innovative high-quality products each year. Overall, Apple has reported a $7.8 billion earning in total in their last quarter at the end of September 2020. The AirPods are amongst the most popular wireless headphones out in the market, with novel noise cancellation and high sound quality features. Yet,  they seem to have missed the mark with one of their AirPods models.

There has been a wave of defective AirPods. Apple said that they are taking care of the situation by replacing the devices for free. And they assure that all AirPods manufactured after October 2020 have no problem.

The AirPods that have been presenting issues are the AirPods Pro. The problems include a crackling or static sound. The inconvenient sound increased in loud environments. Also, the users are unable to activate the noise cancellation feature. On the other hand, the noise gets reverted and aside from a loss of bass, there can be an increase in background noise like car sounds or airplane noise. A true hassle to use these headphones to listen to music or speak with friends. 

The consumers who have experienced the glitchy AirPods were swift to contact Apple online. And luckily, the company has responded with some great customer support by replacing the AirPods Pro headphones with sound problems at no extra cost. Apple will, of course, confirm that the item is defective, but if the request is legitimate, you can get a new pair right away.

The replacement will apply only to the earbuds since the case seems to be in perfect condition. This program only applies to the small percentage of AirPods Pro launched before October 2020 and those still under warranty. So, other AirPods that may present some defects are not included in this service. 

Initially, Apple tried to support its users by issuing supporting documents on their website. This information included some troubleshooting advice that helps solve the issue. 

Common AirPods Issues

How to solve the AirPods Issue?

Not all the AirPods affected are still under warranty, which has left some users in distress. But, worry not there are some actions you can take to fix or improve the audio problems the AirPods are presenting. 

AirPods Pro Service Program for Sound Issues:

  • Find an Apple Authorized Service Provider
  • Get your AirPods serviced, this includes verification of any issue prior to receiving any service.
  • Once the AirPods are verified to have the glitch and confirm they are under warranty (2 years after the first retail sale of the unit), you will get a new pair (or left or right, depending which one is affected)
  • Note the AirPods Case is not affected and therefore, will not be replaced.

Crackling or Static Sounds:

  • Check that you have the latest software on your iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, or Mac.
  • Make sure that the device is close and that there are not wireless interferences between you and the devices. 
  • Listen to the audio from a different app or device and make sure if the AirPods or the App is the problem.
  • If the problem persists, refer to the AirPods Pro Service Program for Sound Issues.

Sound cuts out or is distorted:

  • Improve your Bluetooth connection (in some situations the Bluetooth connection can be interfered or weakened)
  • Open the music Apps that are related to your device, or music stored in your device, when streaming it may be harder for your earphones to connect at an optimum level.

Headphones keep disconnecting

  • If the headphones disconnect continuously, then unpair them and pair them again.
  • To Unpair (Apple device): Select Settings > Bluetooth.  Find the device and tap the Info Button. Next, tap Forget this Device. Lastly, restart your iPhone.
  • To Unpair (Non-Apple device): Go to settings for Bluetooth, and make sure it is on (Settings > Connected devices > Connection preferences > Bluetooth. Then unpair (or forget ) the headphones. Finally, restart the device.
  • To conclude, pair your headphones once again, as you would depend on what device you use. 

Other common issues with AirPods and How to Fix it

Call Drops

  • If the calls drop intermittently, the easiest fix is to take the call with only one earbud and not both. 
  • Another option is to go to the Settings > Bluetooth and the select microphone to either right or left.
  • One last fix is to disable the automatic ear detection feature. However, doing this will bring forth some minor setbacks such as draining the battery much faster.

Find your AirPods

It is quite a normal occurrence to lose the AirPods due to their small size and continuous use. But, there is an easy fix for this situation:

  • First, launch the Find My iPhone app on your iOs device or go to the iCloud website sign in with your Apple ID, and select Find My Phone. 
  • Next, select your AirPods, and on the map, you will see where they are, or at least the last location before being powered off.
  • If there is a green dot next to the icon on the map, it means they are on, and you can then play a sound that will render it easier to locate the headphones. 

The Bottom Line

Many users wonder if it is still worth it to purchase some AirPods Pro, due to the issues they have been presenting. Many users have been using the Apple Program, only to get another defective device and having to go back to get it replaced. Under those circumstances, no one would recommend buying the AirPods Pro. After all, it is a big hassle. 

However, ever since a new lot came out in October 2020, the devices have presented zero issues. This is proof of how Apple tackles the problems as swiftly and efficiently as they can. Now, the AirPods Pro come with no defects and with their best quality ever. That is why we can recommend the AirPods released after October 2020, with the reassurance that every customer will receive an excellent headphone set.

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