How to fix iTunes error 9 on iPhone XS Max

How to fix iTunes error 9?

Error 9 is one of the error codes that comes up when updating your firmware or restoring your system on your iPhone XS Max (as well as some other models and iPads) via iTunes. This error usually is because of a disruption between your device and your Mac/PC or perhaps because iTunes couldn’t tell the device to restore. As frustrating as it is, don’t fret as it’s relatively simple to fix.

Reset your devices

First things first, let’s reset our devices starting with your iPhone.

  1. Press and quickly remove the volume up button
  2. Press and quickly remove the volume down button
  3. Then press and hold the power button and don’t let go until the phone boots up completely

Next, let’s restart your computer. It is possible that your computer could be dealing with some random errors that are affecting the updating from happening.

For Mac

  1. Click on the Apple logo on the toolbar
  2. Click restart

For Windows

  1. Click on the Windows logo (usually in the bottom-left corner)
  2. Then, click on the power button (usually in the bottom-left corner too)
  3. Finally, click restart


Make sure you have no apps running on your iPhone and no programs open on your computer and unplug all other USB devices.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using the correct cable
  2. Press and quickly remove the volume up button
  3. Then, press and quickly remove the volume down button
  4. Next, press and hold the power button until you see the “Connect to iTunes” message on the screen (it will take a while so please be patient)
  5. On iTunes, you should see a message saying that your iPhone is now in recovery mode
  6. Select the option to update (not restore)
  7. This should fix the problem and you won’t see that error anymore

Additional help

Was this helpful? If not, let us know in the comments if the problem still persists and we’ll guide you through the problem offering different solutions. Please also check our guide for error 4013 and the official Apple support page.


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