How to Fix iPhone’s Black Screen?

Hardware issues can happen without warning. One malfunction may lead to another. Obviously, the iPhone is a complex piece of device. For users, experiencing the black screen of death is clearly frustrating. When your iPhone goes black, you can get worried. The good news is, you can fix this problem with ease. As long as there’s no hardware issues, you can revive your iPhone. Your iPhone may function well today, but, without prior notice, it may stop working. Often, firmware issue is a common cause of this. If you changed system setting and jailbroke the phone, instability could happen. If you went to a dubious website or download an app, problems may also happen.

Here are a few things to do if you want to fix iPhone’s Black Screen.

Use Dr.Fone-System Repair

It is a useful tool for repairing an iPhone that refuses to start and shows black screen. Any owner of iOS 14 device should have Dr.Fone as one of the reliable repair tools. Fortunately, this software is easy to access and use. Whenever your device won’t turn on, this software can be very helpful. Many iPhone users reported about the high success rate. It works quite well in handling software glitches. Download Dr.Fone on your computer and choose “System Repair”.  Connect your computer with the iPhone using the Lightning to USB cable. It’s a good sign if the software can successfully recognize your device. If so, you need to choose the “Standard Mode”. Download the latest firmware by clicking the Start button. Obviously, you need to verify that it’s compatible with your phone.

If Dr. Fone can’t detect your phone, you can try to choose the DFU mode on your device. Wait until the tool fully downloads the firmware. Once it completes the download process, you should obtain the notification. You can immediately resolve the problem by clicking the Fix Now button. Your phone should immediately restart and enter the normal mode. Make sure that you have a stable Internet connection to speed up the download and repair processes. If you already have Dr. Fone in your computer, make sure to update it regularly. This ensures that the software supports latest iPhone models, iOS versions and firmware

Hard Reset the Device

If Dr. Fone fails to fix the problem, you will need to hard reset the device. Use this method if you fail to connect the phone with Dr.Fone. For iPhone 8 and newer models, including iOS 14 devices, you need to quickly press the Volume Up button. Make sure that you release the button very quickly and immediately press the Volume down button.

The next step is to long press the power button and do it for a few seconds. Wait until the Apple logo appears on the display. Hard reset for iPhone 7 and 7s requires different steps. You need to press the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time. Wait for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears and release both buttons. With the iPhone 6, long press both the power and home buttons. Wait for about ten seconds or until the Apple logo appears on the display.

Charge the iPhone

Sometimes, the simplest method is the best. Just charge the phone to activate the internal circuitry. Try to power on the device. If you still can’t revive the iPhone, it is probably a good idea to go to the nearest repair centre. If black screen issue is a software-related problem, the repair cost should be fairly affordable. The most serious problem is probably a malfunctioning display. It can be expensive if you need to replace it with a fresh display.

That’s how you can fix iPhone’s Black screen. If the problem still persists, then let us know in the comments below.

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