How to Fix iPhone Charging Port: 2015 Guide

If your iPhone 5, 5S, 5C or iPhone 6 won’t charge…the fix might be really simple. My iPhone 5, which is now over 2 years old, suddenly wouldn’t charge at all, using either my wall charger or the USB cable. I tried bending the cable, which sometimes helped, but this seemed like a very poor solution. So I wondered to myself…How to Fix iPhone Charging Port?

Disclaimer: You follow the steps below at your own risk. Any damage to your iPhone is your own responsibility.

How to Fix iPhone Charging Port

1)Turn your iPhone OFF.

2) Straighten a paperclip.

3) Carefully insert it into the iPhone’s charging port, and very gently scrape away the dust, taking a little bit away each time you slowly remove the paperclip. Continue this until all the dust is gone.

4) With any luck, you’ve probably just removed a lot of dust.

5) Turn your iPhone on, plug the charger in – and the charger should now be recognised as normal.

Still having problems?

We suggest either trying a different charger, or booking a Genius appointment at your local Apple Store so that Apple can investigate it further.

How does the iPhone Charging Port Break?

The port “breaks” because dust and debris can easily get in there. The iPhone doesn’t come with a dust cover for the charging port. We recommend you use an iPhone case with a cover for the charging port to prevent it happening again.

Why not use compressed air or blow into the charging port?

This is not recommended because doing so could cause the dust and debris to get stuck in other parts of your iPhone. It’s unlikely but not worth the risk – using a paperclip carefully will help you to remove the dust completely instead of blowing it.

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