How to Fix iPhone 14 Pro Camera Shake Bug

Last week, some iPhone 14 Pro users reported a bug that prevented them from taking pictures and images using third-party apps like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. They also claimed that the bug caused the camera on the 14 Pro to shake and make physical noises, resulting in blurry photos. 

The good news is Apple acknowledged the issue and issued the fix for the problem via an iOS 16 update. However, if you do not want to update your iPhone, there are some possible fixes in the section below. 

How to Fix iPhone 14 Pro Camera Shake Bug

Update your iPhone

Apple was aware of the issue and quickly addressed it in its iOS 16.0.2 update. The Cupertino firm said that the update would fix the camera-shaking glitch and a number of other bugs, including the one that caused the display to appear utterly dark during the setup. 

iOS 16 update

The best fix for the problem is to update your iPhone 14 Pro. To do it, open Settings > General > Software Update and install any available updates. 

Can I Fix the Bug Without the Update?

The answer is: probably not. Apple recommends that all affected users update to iOS 16.0.2, which will address the bug and other glitches. The company also said that if you are affected by the issue, do not allow your iPhone 14 Pro’s camera to shake because it could lead to irresistible damage to your device. 

If you want to stick with the original release of iOS 16, the best fix is to power off your iPhone and then turn it back on. This should fix any software-related problems. 

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