How to fix iPhone 12 Pro Connectivity Issues (100% working)

With recent reports of users losing their cellular connection on their iPhone 12 Pro devices, we take a look at what the issue seems to be, and how you can fix it if it is affecting you. Here is how to fix iPhone 12 Pro connectivity issues.

Connection Issues

At the time of writing, as many as five hundred iPhone 12 Pro users have been submitting reports of loss of 5G and LTE connection. This most often occurs while in a moving vehicle or simply traveling too fast on foot

Received my iPhone 12 Pro on Friday. Activated it on Saturday. Sunday I drove for 10 mins and when I arrived at my destination I saw no reception bars and No Service. And in the middle of the screen in a grey box: Your iPhone is not Activated“. An iPhone 12 Pro owner said.

He added that the only way to get the connection back was to toggle Airplane mode to ON then OFF. He also tried resetting the network settings, but the issue persisted and he decided to reset the iPhone as a new iPhone and reinstalled everything from scratch (not from a saved backup). However, nothing worked.

Although it is not entirely clear what the root cause of the issue is, it is thought that it has something to do with the signals switching between towers, which is obviously frustrating and annoying for people who have spent their hard earned cash on Apple’s latest handset.

iPhone 12 Pro Connectivity Issues- Is There a Fix?

There are several things you can do to try and fix the issue for yourself until Apple comes out with an official fix. Although the issue has been persistent for as long as a month for some users, it has only come to the attention of the general public recently and become a wider issue.

Airplane Mode

Turn off Airplane mode can fix the issue?

The first and simplest trick you can do to try and get your service back is the airplane mode trick. To do this, simply open your settings and select Airplane Mode. You should see a toggle that you can press to turn it off. Do this, wait a few seconds, then turn it back on.

Hopefully, you should now have service again.

Disable 5G

If you’re having trouble with your 5G service but not necessarily your LTE, you can attempt to fix the issue at least temporarily by going to your settings and disabling your 5G until you get into an area that has a better 5G signal.

Reset Network Settings

If you perform a network reset, you will be clearing all history of your WiFi, cellular data, and Bluetooth. In doing so, this will hopefully restore your network connections by forcing your phone to forget the network settings, which may have been faulty (or had trouble when switching between towers).

iPhone 12 Pro Connectivity Issues

To perform a network reset, simply go to your settings, then ‘general’, then ‘reset network settings’. You may or may not be prompted to enter your password. Press confirm and your iPhone 12 Pro will forget and reset all network settings.

Update your iOS software

There is a chance that a bug in your software may be causing your iPhone 12 Pro to suffer issues in your network connections. Though this may sound bad, it is simple to rectify. Apple often releases updates so it is important to make sure you have the latest version of iOS installed to get the latest bug fixes.

iPhone 12 Pro Connectivity Issues

To check your iOS software status and perform an update, go to your settings, then software update, then download and install.

Perform a Factory Reset

If you’ve tried all of the steps above and are still having an issue with your iPhone 12 Pro connections, you can perform a factory reset as a last resort. Doing this will restore your iPhone to its factory settings and completely wipe the device, so make sure you back up everything that you wish to save before doing so.

iPhone 12 Pro Connectivity Issues

To perform the factory reset (after backing up your data) go to your settings, tap General, then tap reset. Finally, select erase all content and settings.

Once your iPhone reboots, it will have reverted to the state it was in when it came out of the box.

Hopefully, this article has shown you how to fix your iPhone 12 Pro connectivity issues. Unfortunately, until Apple comes out with a blanket fix, likely in the form of an iOS update, these steps are the best we have to work with.

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