iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Issues | How to Fix

There is no doubt that the iPhone 12 and Pro models are excellent devices. However, just 2 months after being released, it appears that even top-end smartphones like the iPhone 12 still have some problems. Read on to know about some of the most common iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro issues and how to fix them.

Green Tint or Flickering Issues on iPhone 12 Display

When the iPhone 12 series first launched, many owners reported seeing a green tint on their display. Although Apple has acknowledged this iPhone 12 display issue for a while, some users are still getting new iPhones with a green tint.

According to some iPhone owners, the issue occurs when the brightness level is set to 90%. And, it seems to show up on iOS 14.1 and iOS 14.2. Meanwhile, some users say the flickering issue occurs for a short duration and then simply disappears.

Solution: In most cases, this problem can be resolved by updating your iPhone to the latest iOS version. But, if that does not work, then you might be experiencing a hardware issue on your iPhone 12. In that case, you should contact the closest Apple Store or Apple Authorized Store to ask for support.

Excessive Standby Battery Drain

iPhone 12 battery issue

The majority of iPhone 12 owners have been facing battery drain issues on their devices right after unboxing. Even though iPhones are known for excellent standby battery life, users are seeing excessively high standby battery drain. While some reported a loss of about 4% per hour on standby, others claimed it actually drains up to 20% in just 8 hours. All of these happened when their iPhone screens were locked.

Additionally, the issue persists even when you disconnect iPhone 12 from 5G or put it on airplane mode. We think this is probably because of some underlying bugs in iOS.

Solution: If you are dealing with battery life issues on iPhone 12, here are the best tips to fix it:

1. Install the Latest iOS 14 Update: As mentioned above, the battery issues on your iPhone might be due to operating system bugs. So, as usual, Apple will release bug fixes via its latest iOS update.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update. Then, download the latest iOS on your iPhone.

2. Identify iPhone Apps that are now draining Battery Life: Constant app activities in the background can be the reason for your iPhone 12 battery drain issues

Go to Settings > Battery. Scroll down to view which apps are using the most battery life in the last 24 hours or 10 days. 

3. Disable Location Services: Apps that currently use location services on your phone can have a major impact on battery life. So, you should check which apps really need access to your device’s precise location all the time. Here is how to do that:

Open Settings > Privacy > Location Services. You can either completely disable location services or set “While using the App” on every app here. On top of that, you should also disable the Precise Location option for apps that don’t need it.

4. Adjust your Background App Refresh Settings: On your iPhone 12, go to Setting > General > Background App Refresh. Next, scroll down and turn off background app refresh for apps that don’t need it. Plus, you should set your background app refresh to Wi-fi only in here too.

4G or 5G Network Connectivity Issues

iPhone 12’s 5G

One of the best features in the iPhone 12 line up is 5G connectivity. Sadly, whether your iPhone 12 is connected to a 4G or 5G, you might experience some network connectivity issues eventually. 

In fact, many users have reported that their iPhone 12 suddenly stopped connecting to the 5G network. Moreover, the issue tends to happen when they are on the move and the device is switching between towers.

Solution: Unfortunately, it is still unclear why this network connectivity problem is happening. However, there are still some workarounds that can help you deal with it. You can try toggling airplane mode on/off on your iPhone 12 to restart its mobile network. So, restarting your iPhone is the most effective way to fix this problem until now.

Wi-Fi Issues

Having Wi-Fi connectivity issues with any new iPhone is painful! And, there is no exception to the iPhone 12 lineup. Recently, people are complaining about “not connecting to Wi-Fi” or slow internet speeds on their iPhone 12. There can be several explanations for this. But, we believe the issues are either being caused by Wi-Fi router or some incorrect settings on the iPhone 12.

Solution: Here are some methods you can follow to fix iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Wi-Fi problems:

  1. Restart Router
  2. Update Router Firmware
  3. Force Reboot
  4. Reset Network Settings
  5. Disable Wi-Fi Networking Services

Check out our guide for more details on how to fix iPhone 12 Wi-Fi problems.

Bluetooth Issues

iPhone 12 Bluetooth issues

The issue has emerged on the iPhone 12 series since its launch day. Most users report that their new iPhone is unable to detect any other Bluetooth device that’s in pairing mode or vice versa. Personally, I have faced this issue on my iPhone 12 while running iOS 12.4.1 as well.

Solution: The only workaround we have found to solve this problem is to restart your iPhone. Follow these steps to restart iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro and fix the Bluetooth issues:

  1. Press and hold either volume button and side button until the power off slider appears.
  2. Drag the slider and wait around 30 seconds for your iPhone to turn off.
  3. To turn it back on, press and hold the side button (on the right side of your iPhone) until you see the Apple logo.
  4. Then, try connecting it to the Bluetooth device again. 

Also, you can try toggling Bluetooth off/on, but it rarely works. So, restarting is the most reliable option here. Hopefully, Apple will fix this Bluetooth issue on the iPhone 12 series with a future software update.

Have you experienced any of these issues on your iPhone 12 or 12 Pro Max? Feel free to drop a comment to let us know!

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