How to Fix High Battery Drain and Keyboard Input Lag in Messages App on iOS 14.2

We take a quick look at the issues before tackling them head-on and providing you with the solutions. Here is how to fix high battery drain and keyboard input lag in Messages App on iOS 14.2.

Fix High Battery Drain and Keyboard Input Lag in Messages App on iOS 14.2

High Battery Drain and Keyboard Input Lag iOS 14.2

If you’re reading this article then chances are that you have downloaded the iOS 14.2 update and have started to experience battery draining and/or keyboard input lag when typing messages. Well don’t worry, we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone in experiencing this. There have been multiple iPhone users taking to Reddit and the Apple forums to complain of similar problems, and it seems there is a fix at least for the messaging lag. You can attempt to rectify the problem of battery draining by following our steps later in this article.

Fix High Battery Drain and Keyboard Input Lag in Messages App on iOS 14.2

How to Fix Keyboard Input Lag in Messages on iOS 14.2

Let’s start with the input lag problems. You may have experienced issues with slow typing, general lags, or straight up freezing. Overall, the entire messaging process feels extremely sluggish.

Some users have reported that by turning off certain applications and settings on their device, they are able to rectify the problem. Although this may not be ideal for the user. These applications and settings are Zoom, and Reachability. You can also try enabling Reduce Motion, which has reportedly fixed the keyboard input lag in messages for some users. 

There is a method which we shall now detail that is almost guaranteed to fix the bug, at least until Apple can come out with a proper fix for the issue. I will detail this briefly now.

  • Open your settings on the affected device.
  • Tap on ‘General’
  • Scroll all the way down until you see ‘Reset’
  • Here you should be able to see an option called ‘Reset Keyboard Dictionary’. Press this.
  • You should now be prompted to enter your password for your device. One you have entered your password, the keyboard will have been reset, and the keyboard lag issue in your messages should now be fixed.

There is one last way that has been confirmed to fix the keyboard input lag bug. Simply disable your iMessage and FaceTime, reset your device, then reactivate your iMessage and FaceTime. You should find that either one of these options listed above works for you.

How to Fix High Battery Drain on iOS 14.2

When it comes to reports of high battery drain on iOS 14.2, some seem to be worse off than others. There have been users reporting that their battery is drained by roughly fifty percent within half an hour of charging their device, and others have said the battery is draining at a steady rate of roughly five percent per few minutes of normal use. 

The iPhones that appear to be affected the worst are the older models (iPhone XS, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s). It is possible to see a sudden boost in battery life after restarting your device. 

Fix High Battery Drain and Keyboard Input Lag in Messages App on iOS 14.2

While we wait for Apple to release an official patch to fix this extremely unfortunate and inconvenient issue of high battery drain on iOS 14.2, here are a few tips and tricks you can try in order to slow the battery draining.

  • Turn on ‘Low Power Mode’. Doing this will disable unnecessary features and force your device to run in the most battery-friendly way possible.
  • Keep your phone face-down. This will prevent the screen from lighting up every time you receive a notification.
  • Disable ‘Background App Refresh.’ Apps such as Facebook and Instagram are constantly refreshing themselves in the background in order to give you speedy notifications. Disable this to prevent them from contributing to your high battery drain on iOS 14.2
  • Use ‘Dark Mode’. This will keep your screen and your colors darker, therefore preserving that precious battery life. 
  • Disable ‘Location Services’. Another big one, with location services on, your device is constantly monitoring your location and transmitting the information.
  • Disable Vibrations. Doing this should see your battery life extended by a fair bit, especially if you are someone who typically gets a lot of notifications and messages.
  • Disable Haptic Feedback
  • Enable ‘Optimized Charging’. Doing this will enable your phone to learn your daily charging routines and optimize battery power in the times between each charge.
  • Limit the use of Facebook and YouTube. Facebook and YouTube are two of the biggest contributors to high battery draining on iPhones (with the exception of games). By limiting your time browsing these, either through the app, or online, you will be prolonging the life of your battery without even doing anything.

By following these tips, you should be able to temporarily fix high battery drain and keyboard input lag in messages app on iOS 14.2. Let’s hope Apple is quick to come out with an official fix for both of these issues.

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