How to Fix “Charging On Hold” Error in iOS 16

iOS 16 has been in the hands of the community for more than a month. However, many people are facing problems with Apple’s latest software update. One such problem is the Charging On Hold error prompt, which is annoying as you cannot recharge your device. 

So, what does Charging On Hold mean? and How can you resolve it? Let’s find out the answers to these questions in the section below. Before we dive in, ensure that you unplug the charging cable from your iPhone to protect your device from potential hardware damage. 

Why Does The Charging On Hold Error Appear?

The Charging On Hold error is Apple’s built-in way of protecting your iPhone from potential damage resulting from high temperature while charging. This error message should disappear when your iPhone cools. 

Charging on Hold in iOS 16

This built-in mechanism in iOS 16 serves as a helpful feature to protect iPhone’s battery. This error message will appear whenever your iPhone becomes hotter than usual while charging. 

What Does My iPhone Get Hot?

There are some reasons why your iPhone gets hot. Below are the most common causes.

  • Your iPhone is running heavy apps or tasks.
  • The surrounding area is hot, or you are placing your device on hot surfaces.
  • The charger is not working correctly.
  • Your iPhone’s battery is damaged.
  • A lot of heavy apps are running in the background.

How to Fix The Charging On Hold Error Message?

The “charging on hold” message is annoying, but resolving it is straightforward as it does not require technical expertise. One of the easiest ways to fix it is to unplug your charger, let your iPhone cool down, and try again. If the problem persists, try checking all the background processes and turn them off. 

Make sure you use a suitable charger. There are a lot of chargers for iPhones out there, so ensure that you use a genius charger. n fact, using non-Apple chargers may cause your iPhone to get hot. So, sticking to reputable companies that offer the right cables and wireless standards is recommended. Also, stay away from cheap, non-branded chargers. 

Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular data, and hotspot. Keeping all types of wireless connections may result in a hot iPhone. So, try turning off Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth, and hotspot to see if the problem is fixed. Also, disabling Location Services may do the trick. 

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