How to Fix Apple Watch Cellular Not Working

Apple Watch is one of the best wearables you can buy. It’s fast, smooth, and expensive. Apple has been improving its smartwatch lineup every year, adding new changes while introducing new health features. 

Like any other device, Apple Watch sometimes is not working as intended. A cellular connection is one of the most common problems users face with Apple’s wearables. We have received many reports and emails from Apple Watch owners complaining that their cellular is not working. 

Apple watch cellular network

If you are among those affected users, we are here to help. This guide will include the steps to fix cellular not working on your Apple Watch. 

Why My Apple Watch Cellular Is Not Working?

There are several reasons why this might be the case. Before proceeding with the troubleshooting steps, it’s important to know why your Apple Watch cellular fails to work. 

  • Apple Watch cellular service is currently down. There are times when Apple Watch cellular service is down for maintenance, thus preventing you from accessing the cellular connection on your wearable. 
  • Your cellular plan does not support Apple Watch. Another reason is that your current cellular plan does not cover Apple Watch. You can contact your network provider to check if you are eligible for the service.
  • Apple Watch software fails. If your Apple Watch suddenly fails to connect to a cellular network, the problem may be with your wearable’s software. 

How to Fix Apple Watch Cellular Not Working

1. Restart your Apple Watch. The first thing you need to do is to restart your watch. A restart can clear up common issues, ranging from slow apps to missing apps to low battery life. In this case, try performing a restart to see if the problem has been resolved. 

  • Press and hold the Watch’s Digital Crown button until you see three options. 
  • Swipe the Power Off toggle.
  • Watch for at least 30 seconds and turn your watch back on. 

2. Check your cellular service plan. If restarting your Apple Watch does not work, the next solution is to ensure your cellular plan is still valid. Try contacting your carrier provider and check if everything is still in order. 

3.  Update your WatchOS. A new software update usually includes bug fixes. In this case, make sure you are up to date. To update your watch, open the Watch app on your iPhone, and select My Watch > Software Update

4. Make sure Airplane mode is disabled. If the problem persists, try turning off the Airplane mode if it’s currently on. Enabling the AirPlane mode will turn off all wireless networks on your device, so you cannot connect to your cellular network.

5. Make sure you have enough data. It’s worth checking how much data you have got left. To do it, open the Watch app > My Watch > Cellular > Cellular Data Usage.

6. Contact Apple. The last solution is to contact Apple and ask for support if nothing works. If your device is under warranty, you won’t be charged. 

7. Ensure the cellular network is enabled on your watch. Sometimes you accidentally disable the cellular network.

  • Swipe up on your Apple Watch screen to trigger Control Center.
  • From here, check if the cellular connection is enabled. If not, tap on the cellular icon.
  • On the next page, toggle on the cellular option.

8. Repair the cellular network. Another solution is to repair your cellular network. Here is how to do it.

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Tap Cellular and hit the information (i) button.
  • Select Remove CarrierName Plan and confirm your action by tapping Remove CarrierName Plan.
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