How to Fix Apple TV No Sound Airplay Issue

Despite being an incredibly versatile piece of technology that gets updated regularly, Apple TV can still fall victim to a number of problems. In this article, we will be looking to cover what to do if your Apple TV has no audio. 

The first thing you should always try before anything else is to disconnect and reconnect all of the cables and wiring. You’ll find this usually fixes the issue straight away, as a loose connection is more common than anything else. However, if you find you are still suffering from the issue of no sound from your Apple TV, it may require a little more tinkering.

Follow our fixes below. 

Fix One – Change Audio Format

Audio Format

Follow the steps below to change the audio format for your Apple TV.

  • Select Menu on your Apple TV remote
  • On the window menu, select Settings
  • In Settings, select Audio and Video
  • From here, select Audio Format
  • If you’ve done it right, you’ll see there’s only one option available here — Change Format
  • Another window will now appear. Select Change Format again
  • Now we’re back at the previous window, scroll down and select New Format, then switch it to Stereo
  • Now, use your original TV remote to go to the Audio/Sound options
  • Select Audio Out. Then, set it to Optical
  • Under Optical, make sure to select Digital Sound Out <PCM>

Fix Two – Reboot the System

Reboot system

Still not working? The next step to try and fix the Apple TV no sound issue is to reboot the system. Rebooting the system is known to fix technical issues by clearing RAM and preventing it from getting clogged up. Also, it stops each and every program running on your Apple TV, forcing it to restart fresh and freed up.

To reboot your Apple TV, hold down Menu and the TV button on your remote simultaneously for about six seconds. Pay no attention to the sleep pop-up that appears on the screen. Once your Apple TV is off, it will start blinking. This means it is successfully rebooting and will be shortly turning itself back on anew.

If the issue persists once you’ve done this, reboot any and all audio devices that you have connected to your Apple TV.

Fix Three – Check for Updates

Software Update

Another simple but effective way of fixing the Apple TV no sound issue is to check for updates in your system. If you have not got the latest updates installed, you may be susceptible to bugs, or incompatibility issues. To check if you have the latest software update installed on your Apple TV, follow these steps:

  • Hold down the menu button on your Apple TV remote
  • Select the Settings menu
  • Select Software Updates, then Update Software
  • If there is a software update available, you will now be prompted to download it now by way of a pop up window. Select Download and Install and be patient as the download and installation works its magic

The Bottom Line

Apple TVs are not without their flaws. The most commonly reported is debatably the no audio issue, but hopefully, this article has done its job and you’re now able to get back to enjoying your favorite shows and movies without interruption!

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