How to Factory unlock an iPhone to use any SIM cards?

A lot of people are having a problem with their “Locked” iPhone which will work with only one carrier (Like O2, Vodafone, Orange, EE from UK… or AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint from US…)

Buying an iPhone with the carrier contract seems like cheaper than getting a Factory unlocked iPhone from Apple because we just need to pay a small amount at the start and we can bring an iPhone to home! But there will be a problem if you want to change the carrier/network or traveling, you’ll not be able to use another SIM card! Or even if you want to sell your iPhone, you’ll not get the good price because the iPhone is locked!

iPhone SIM locked
iPhone SIM locked

So, today I’m writing this article as sharing my experience of unlocking an iPhone to help you get out of the trouble. Let’s continue reading!

Introduction to “Factory unlock iPhone”

At first, you have to understand that: No one can unlock your iPhone except your origin carrier! It means, if your iPhone is locked to O2 UK, then only O2 will be able to unlock your iPhone. Apple even doesn’t have the right to unlock your iPhone, Apple has to send a request to O2 database to synchronize to their Activation database. So never ask Apple to unlock your iPhone, you’ll get nothing then.

Now you understand what you have to do? Yes, that’s it, go to contact your origin carrier to send your iPhone unlocking request. They’ll tell you what to do next.

If you tried to contact the carrier but they didn’t help you to solve the problem (Maybe because of some reasons like Contract, IMEI reported as Lost/Stolen…)? Especially if you bought the iPhone as a 2nd one. Feeling confuse and hopeless now? Don’t worry because we’re still able to unlock the iPhone from 3rd party company! Continue reading…

Factory unlock iPhone with

I’m a big fan of iPhoneIMEI after they unlocked my iPhone with professional and friendly communication. All I had to do was just simply send my iPhone IMEI number (Dialing *#06# to get it) to them and they unlocked my iPhone in 3 working days.

I received an email “Congratulations! Your iPhone 6S has been unlocked”. I didn’t understand what happened and why my iPhone is unlocked, what to do next to complete the unlock… Because I received nothing, just a message noticed me that my iPhone is unlocked. So I was confused and contact them to ask about that. replied me immediately then with their LiveChat software on the website and they told me that all I have to do is just simply connect the iPhone to iTunes.

Thank god! After connecting the iPhone my iPhone to iTunes, waiting a few minutes for the sync progress… I got the message “Congratulations! Your iPhone has been unlocked”. I hurry up to plug-out my iPhone and try to insert another SIM card and it works perfectly like a charm!


Steps to unlock your iPhone SIM-Lock

Step 1: Get your IMEI number by dialing *#06# (Or if the iPhone isn’t active, tap to the little “i” button on the screen to get the IMEI)

Step 2: Go to this link, select your iPhone model to start the unlock

Step 3: In the unlocking page, enter your IMEI number and select your carrier.

Step 4: Complete your payment (If your model is not supported as Free service) via PayPal or Credit Card (Don’t worry about losing your money, iPhoneIMEI offers 100% money back if they can’t unlock your iPhone by any reasons)

Step 5: Wait for a few hours or a few days (Depending on what your carrier is), you’ll be received an email informing you that your iPhone has been unlocked! Now, just simply connect your iPhone to iTunes and it’ll be unlocked as magic!

If not working by connecting to iTunes, then you may need to restore the iPhone to latest iOS version

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