How to Download Music for Free on your iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad serve as great tools for listening to music. In reality, Apple has its own music service called Apple Music, which charges you $9.99 every month. However, if you don’t want to spend some cash on your music subscriptions, then there is a good way to get your favorite music for free.

In reality, a lot of apps out there allow you to download your music for free. However, keep in mind that not all of them are trusted as some are just scams to take your money. With that in mind, we made a list of the best apps for downloading music for free on your iPhone or iPad.

eSound Music

eSound Music is one of the best free apps that let you download thousands of songs for free. Indeed, the app now features a huge library of music and an intuitive user interface. The coolest part is that you can download your music for offline listening. All you need to do is to open the app and find all the music you want to listen to.

One major drawback is that the app includes a lot of video ads, which is pretty annoying. That makes sense seeing that it is completely free. To add music to your library, simply hit the “+” button. However, you cannot organize your music collection or share it with your friends.

Pros Cons
Intuitive user interface A lot of video ads
Huge library of music Features still limited


Documents has been around for years and serves as a great download manager for your iPhone. Indeed, Documents allows you to download everything, ranging from music, videos to files and audio.

To download music with Documents, simply open it on your iPhone, then you should see a link input section at the top. From here, just enter the link that contains your MP3 file you wish to download onto your device and then hit the Download button. When the download is complete, just play the song (you can play it in a different media player like VLC or KMPlayer.

Pros Cons
Easy-to-use interface Lack of premium features
Good music manager Still include ads

Safari in iOS 13

In iOS 13 and iPadOS, Apple added a download manager to Safari, allowing you to download any files directly from your web browser. This is a welcome addition to iOS 13 as it eliminates the need for a third-party app to be installed on your iOS device.

To do this, open Safari on your iPhone or iPad and visit the website that contains the MP3 download file. From here, tap on the Download button to start downloading the file. Once done, it will be saved to the Files app. Of course, you can change the location of that download folder.

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Shortcuts is a cool app that lets you do a lot of things, including the ability to download any files from your web browser. Also, you can do dozens of simple tasks like setting a reminder for an upcoming appointment, resize an image, or add your music to a playlist.

To download the file using Shortcuts, you simply add the download link to Shortcuts, then app will start downloading the file and ask you where you want to save it.

Cloud Music Player

Cloud Music Player is not designed for downloading files from the web, but it acts as a music-streaming service. Indeed, you can add your favorite music to the app and play them. To do this, simply, connect your cloud account and find your songs. The best part is that you can download a music track and listen to it offline.

Pros Cons
Good file manager Lack of premium features
Fast file transfer Download process is still complicated

These are our methods for downloading music for free on your iPhone or iPad. If you have got another method, let us know in the comments below.

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