How to Create Apple ID Without iPhone

Do you want to know if you can create an Apple ID without an iPhone? The good news is yes, you can certainly create an Apple ID without an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. All you need to have is a web browser and your email address of choice. Luckily, you can also set up an Apple ID without needing a credit card. By creating an Apple ID, you’ll have access to Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. It’s worth noting though that you cannot sign up for an iCloud account without an Apple device. So, if you use these apps, your files will be stored locally, not in the cloud.

how to create apple id without iPhone

Here’s how to create an Apple ID without an iPhone;

  • On your PC computer, Android device, or non-Apple tablet, open up your web browser
  • Navigate to the search bar and enter;
  • Next, click the “Create Your Apple ID” link.
  • In the sign-up form, type in your name and password. Then provide all the necessary information that is required by Apple like your name, location and birthday in the correct fields.
  • Type in your current email. This will be your Apple ID. Apple will send a verification code to ensure that his email address belongs to you. It’s not possible to create an Apple ID without this code.
  • Next, it’s time to set up a reliable password. Apple ID passwords are required to be at least 8 characters. Do not use easily guessed passwords such as 00000000. A strong password will prevent you from Apple ID scams and security breaches.
  • Apple will then ask you to choose three security questions. Your answers will be used for password reset. You may be able to reset your security questions if you change your mind.
  • When finished, solve the captcha and hit Continue.
  • You then need to be on the lookout for a verification code that will be emailed to you. Once you have it, head back over to the webpage and enter it to create your account.

And there, you have it, you have just created an Apple ID without an iPhone or Apple device!

Creating an Apple ID without an iPhone

Because you haven’t signed up for an Apple ID with an Apple device like an iPhone, you won’t have access to services like the App Store, Apple Music, and iMessage but you will have access to Numbers, Pages, and Keynotes, all free apps designed by Apple. Numbers app is similar to Excel and Google’s Sheets. You can create spreadsheets and use all of the different functions for free. Pages is similar to Word or Google Docs and you’ll also have access to all of the features for free. Finally, you can use Keynotes which is handy free presentation software.

When you use these features, your files will be saved onto your computer and not iCloud like they would if you had an iCloud account. Still, it’s nice to be able to use these free apps from Apple, even if you don’t have an iPhone!

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