How to Charge Your New iPad Correctly

The best thing about an iPad is probably its excellent battery life. Even with a high-resolution screen and a powerful processor, Apple’s tablets can still provide 6 hours of use, which is better than most competitors in the market. But, despite having a long battery life, your iPad will still drain faster overtime. And, one of the best ways to avoid iPad’s battery issues is charging your iPad properly. So, here are some tips on how to charge your new iPad correctly.

Charge and Monitor Your iPad Battery

Currently, Apple is using lithium-ion batteries in most of its devices. Compared to the traditional battery technology, the lithium-ion battery is not only lighter but also has a higher power density for more battery life.

How to Charge iPads Correctly

Follow these steps to charge your iPad battery correctly:

  1. Connect your iPad to a power outlet using the Apple cable and power adapter.
  2. If your iPad is plugged into a Mac or PC, make sure those devices can provide enough power to charge. If something goes wrong, you should see the “Not Charging” message.
  3. Look for the battery icon to make sure it is charging. The battery icon in the upper-right corner shows the charging status.
  4. Turn your iPad off if possible because this is the fastest way to charge.

Note: Connecting your iPad to a power outlet can start an iCloud backup or wireless computer syncing. Therefore, it might take longer to charge than usual. 

In addition, the iPad battery might drain, if it’s connected to a computer that’s now off. Also, charging from a computer is way slower than using an outlet.

Safety Advice

  • If you suspect there is liquid in the Lightning or USB-C cable, don’t use it to charge.
  • Try to avoid prolonged skin contact with the device or cable when it’s connecting to a power source.
  • Using damaged cables or chargers can cause fire, electric shock, or damage to your iPad.
  • When you use the Apple USB power adapter to charge, make sure the USB cable is fully inserted into the power adapter before plugging in. 
  • It’s important to keep your iPad and its power adapter in a well-ventilated area while charging.

How to Monitor your iPad Battery

Most batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and eventually need to be replaced. Here is how to check all information about your iPad battery:

  1. Go to Settings Battery
  2. Tap Battery Percentage to see your battery usage information
  3. You can check how much battery you iPhone has left and an app is using on your device.

Tips to Improve your iPad Battery Life

  • Avoid letting your iPad be too Hot or Cold. Intense temperatures can permanently reduce battery life.
  • Keep your iPad updated. New operating system updates usually include fixes and performance enhancements.
  • Limit background app refresh. Some apps can still drain your iPad battery even when they are running in the background. To check which apps are enabled: Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.
  • Reducing Motion and Animations helps prolong iPad battery life. To do this: Open Settings > Accessibility > Motion > enable the toggle for Reduce Motion.

Charge your iPad properly and use these tips will help you extend your iPad life in the long run. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments!

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