How to Charge a MacBook Air without a Charger

We’ve all been there – out at a coffee shop or perhaps commuting home from work and your MacBook Air runs out of charge. You check your bag and, oh no! Your charger is missing or lost. Well, the days of rushing out to purchase a new charger are over, as there are several options for us to charge our MacBook Air without it. As you may expect, the options listed below are not intended to be permanent replacements, but they are great to know if you’re in a pinch.

#1: USB Type C

USB type c

Now, it does depend on which version of MacBook Air you own, but it is actually possible to charge a MacBook Air with a USB Type C phone charger (Android). As you may expect, the process to do this is very straightforward, simply run the charger cable from the power outlet to your MacBook Air, in the same way, you would charge your iPhone. It will take a while to charge this way, but it will get there.

#2: USB Converter

USB Converter

You will need a PC in order to charge your MacBook Air this way, so it can only really be done if you’re at home when you have misplaced or damaged your charger. You will also need a USB 3.0 to USB Type C converter to do this, which can be picked up relatively cheap online. Once you have this cable, simply connect the cable between the PC and the MacBook Air to begin the charging process.

#3: Power Bank

Power Bank

It may or may not come as a surprise to you that you can charge your MacBook Air with a power bank. As with the first option on this list, it will only work with certain models, and additionally, the power bank of your choosing should have a USB 3.0 port. As with the PC step, you will also need a USB 3.0 to USB Type C converter cable, so this is good for if you’re on the go instead of at home. Simply connect the two devices with the cable and it should begin to charge your MacBook Air.

A Warning

If you are considering charging your MacBook Air without an official charger you should consider the following precautions. Consider this an official warning!

  1. There could be unhealthy side effects of charging your MacBook Air without an official charger. Although unlikely, some of these risks could include battery damage, and battery swelling.
  2. Continued use of the above charging methods is likely unhealthy for you MacBook Air. Although they work, charging times will vary and will most often take longer than they usually would.
  3. Prolonged usage of the above methods could cause your USB 3.0 port to loosen.

Charging Specifications

The listed methods also work with a MacBook Pro. Below are the recommended specs from the official Apple website when charging your MacBook Air or Pro with an official charger.

MacBook Air: Battery: 49.9-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery

                        Supplied (and recommended) charger: 30W USB-C Power Adapter

MacBook Pro: Battery: Built-in 58.2-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery

                         Supplied (and recommended) charger: 61W Power Adapter or 96W Power Adapter

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