Tips To Boost The Wi-Fi Speed On Your Smartphone

How to boost the Wi-Fi speed on a smartphone is one of the most common questions among users these days. Sometimes it is very frustrating as your wi-fi slows down or even stops when you are watching a video or playing online games.

Do you know that by just some simple settings on your phone, you can increase its Wi-Fi connection significantly? Let me show you how

Change The Frequency Band on Your Smartphone to 5 GHz

Recently, most of the Wi-Fi routers have switched to 5 GHz for better signal transmission as it is faster and more stable than the old 2.4 GHz band. However, a lot of current smartphone models do not make the switch as they remain loyal to the 2.4 GHz band.

For iPhone, and Android 7 and later, your device will automatically switch to the better Wi-Fi band for you. But for Android 6.01 or earlier, to switch your phone from the 2.4GHz band to 5 GHz, you can do the following step:

  • Go To Settings > Wi-Fi and then Tap the 3 dot icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Select Advanced> Wi-Fi frequency band
  • Choose the 5 GHz option
  • Now your phone will prioritize the 5GHz band when it connects to a Wi-Fi network

Keep in mind that the 5Ghz bands may be faster and more stable, it can not travel as far as 2.4GHz. So if you are in a spacious place with only a few wi-fi modems, keep your device in 2.4 GHz bands will be better.

Find a Better Spot To Connect to Wi – Fi

The speed of Wi-Fi is usually determined by the signal strength (dBm). Normally, Wi-Fi signals can range between -110 dBm to -47dBm. The closer the signal to -47 dBm, the stronger it is. In fact, your wi-fi signal level can vary depending on your location. To check if your location is having a good signal level, you can use the Wi-fi Analyzer app.

Open the app and Select More (3 dots icon)> Time Graph. If the graph is closer to -47 dBm then congratulations you are in an area with strong signals. Otherwise, you have to move around the place to find the best location to connect to Wi-Fi.

Hold your Phone Properly

This may sound silly, but the way you hold your phone can actually affect the Wi-Fi signals. In fact, you will find some plastic lines on your phone’s body. These lines are actually antenna lines. This is where the radio waves for Bluetooth, Wi-FI, and LTE/5G go in and out and connect you to the internet. These lines are usually popular on phones that are made from metal materials as metal can block the waves. On the other hand, Plastic and Glass are transparent to radio waves.

Your body, especially your hands, can block the signals. So if you want to boost the Wi-Fi speed, make sure you don’t cover the antenna lines when holding your phone.

These are 3 tips to boost the Wi-Fi speed on your Smartphone. Do you have any other tips that you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

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