How to Block Ads in Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Let’s be honest, pop-up ads are super annoying on the internet. Those ads are persistent banners that take up too much screen real estate and bandwidth, which results in slower page loads, battery drain, and more wireless data usage. They are even worse for the user experience if you are on a mobile device.

Blocking pop-up ads is a no-brainer if you want to improve your user experience. In reality, most web browsers now have their popup blockers built in and Safari is no different.

Pop-up blocking has been a built-in feature in Safari for years, meaning that you don’t need to download an additional app. However, to be honest, you will need some kind of third-party ad-blocking software if you want to block ads completely. Those software add more features to Safari, including the ability to prevent excessive ads from showing up in the web browser.

If you want to block popups and ads when using Safari, you have come to the right place. I will show you how to block ads in Safari in the section below.

How to Block Ads in Safari on Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Reader Mode

Reader Mode is a great feature that lets users view webpages while hiding ads, navigation menus, and other distracting items. In other words, the mode is specifically designed to offer a better reading experience without ads and menus cluttering up your pages.

In reality, Reader is not a true ad blocker as it only some of your page’s visual distractions. However, it’s a better option when it comes to popup and ad blocking, eliminating the need for a third-party app to be installed on your Mac.

How to block ads in Safari

The easiest way to turn on Reader Mode in Safari on iPhone/iPad/Mac is to hit the Reader View button in the address bar. You can also enable Reader Mode for specific webpages in Safari. To do this, you can follow my guide below.

Step one: Launch Safari on your Mac, then click the Safari icon at the menu bar. After that, select Preferences from the pull-down menu.

Step two: Select the Websites tab and then proceed with clicking on Reader from the sidebar menu.

Step three: From the list of the websites under the Currently Open Websites or Currently Configured section, click on the drop-down button and then select ON.

In short, despite limited features compared to third-party ad-blocking software, Reader mode is a good option for those who want a better reading experience without clutter, ads, and distractions.

Block Pop-ups

Reader mode works with iPhone and iPad too, but there is another built-in option for blocking annoying ads when using Safari. Apple calls it “Block Pop-ups“, a pop-up ad blocker that has been turned on by default on your iPhone or iPad. If it is now disabled, you need to activate it.

Step one: Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad, and then select Safari.

How to block ads in Safari

Step two: From the list of option, turn on the switch next to Block Pop-ups.

In short, Block Pop-ups is a great option for those who want to prevent popups from displaying in Safari. However, keep in mind that this approach won’t remove ads from your web browser completely, which is why you need a little help from a third-party app.

Third-party Apps

There are lots of ad blockers out there, but not all of them are reliable as some are scams to take your money. If you are struggling to look for a trusted ad blocker, then I am here to help.

In this guide, I recommend you try Norton Ad Blocker, one of the best content blocking apps from the company behind the fan-favorite antivirus software. The best part is that it is free (no additional fees to pay and no subscription plan to sign up for).

Step one: Head over to the App Store and then download the app. After that, open it on your iPhone or iPad.

Step two: Go through a little bit of setup and then go back to your iPhone’s home screen.

How to Block Ads in Safari

Step three: Open the Settings app, then tap Safari and tap on Content Blockers. From here, turn on the switch for Ad Blocker.

In short, there are lots of reasons why you need to block ads when browsing the web. Personally, I hate pop-up ads in Safari as they slow down my webpages. More importantly, I feel more secure with those ads blocked, as many ads are malware and ransomware.

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However, many websites out there rely on advertising to generate revenue. If the ads are blocked, many of them won’t get paid. So, make sure you remove ads from specific websites, while keeping the ads popping up in your favorite websites.

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