5 Simple Tips for Keeping AirPods from Getting Lost

When you get new AirPods, there’s always a fear of losing them. They’re so small and easy to misplace! It can be hard to remember where you put them last, but luckily I’ve learned 5 tips not to lose AirPods! Keep reading for the best tips on keeping your AirPods safe.

1. Find My iPhone

You may have already used your Find My iPhone app before if you’ve misplaced one of your Apple devices. You’ll be pleased to know that you can use this app to find your AirPods. This app is able to find each component of your AirPods set-up. That means that if you’ve only lost one AirPod, you can use this app to find it. It works if you’ve lost your case too.

Here’s how to do it;

  • Open your Find My iPhone app on your Apple device.
  • Select Devices.
  • Look for your AirPods on the dropdown list
  • Tap Play Sound.

Your AirPods will make a beeping noise that will allow you to locate them if you’re close enough. You will also have the option to view a map of your immediate surroundings and if you’re close enough, a location will light up telling you where your AirPods are.

This app works by locating your Apple devices through Bluetooth. It’s important to note that you’ll need to be within 10 metres of your AirPods to be able to use this app otherwise you may be wasting your time. For example, if you lose them on a bus, you’ll likely be well out of the radius for the app to be able to find them. If they are a long distance away, it’s unlikely you’ll ever find them again.

2. Keep Them In Their Case

One of the most obvious ways to not lose your AirPods is to keep them in their case. When we get busy (or sometimes lazy) it’s easy to place your AirPods down around your house without much thought. The AirPods case is what charges them but you should also think of it as what it was primarily built for – being a safe case.

When you’re done with your AirPods, make sure you put them in your charging case and always keep your charging case in the same place so you always know where it is. You should also take your charging case around with you so when you’re not using your AirPods, you have a safe shell to hold them. It’s a lot easier to attach your case to your bag than your AirPods are.

3. Only Have One Place You Keep Them

This leads on to our next tip – always keep them in the same place. If you always keep them in the same place you’ll always know where they are. A good place to keep your AirPods and charging case is on your bedside table. At the end of the day just pop them on the table ready for the next day.

Here are some other smart places to keep your AirPods and case;

  • With your keys near your door.
  • On your Kitchen surface.
  • In a safe.
  • Under your TV in your lounge.

4. Buy A Spare

Another trick is to purchase a spare earbud. That’s right, Apple sells Airpods singularly. This is a great tip as if you lose one you’ll always have a spare. Most people like to wear both AirPods when they do activities like working out but in general, people walk around with one AirPod in their ear so they can still hear their surroundings. There’s no harm in owning three AirPods but of course, it’s going to cost you at least £45 if you go this route.

5. Use Ear Hooks

Ear Hooks aren’t a new thing however they aren’t optional with Apple. If you want them you’ll have to purchase third party ear hooks. Luckily, you can do this without forking out too much by simply heading over to Amazon. You can attach compatible ear hooks to your AirPods and reap the benefits so you don’t lose them as easily.

Ear hooks are ideal for earbuds, especially when you’re doing a highly active activity. Even if your AirPods become loose, they won’t fall out of your ears thanks to the hooks that wrap around the top of your ear. They may not be aesthetically pleasing as AirPods on their own but they do an important job.

6. Use A Colourful Case

A simple way to not lose your AirPods is to keep them in a colourful case. The main issue with the AirPods case is the fact that it’s white which means it doesn’t stand out in most settings. If you use a colourful case, you’ll likely be able to find your AirPods a lot easier, this of course will require you to make sure you store your AirPods in their case in the first place.

You can use things like colourful stickers on your case to make it more vibrant or you can go ahead and buy a case cover which you can find on Amazon for a few pounds. These covers wrap around your case and lock in place. Many come with hooks that allow you to connect the case to your bag if you’re on the go.  

You can get creative here and even paint your case if you’re feeling artistic enough, just be careful!

7. Use A Connector Around Your Neck

If you do a quick search for AirPod accessories on Amazon you’ll find some truly cool things that you’ve never heard of before. One of those cool things is a silicone connector that helps you to keep your AirPods secure if you’re doing vigorous activity. For example, if you’re jogging with your AirPods, it’s easy for them to pop out of your ears, especially if you’re sweating. This is solved by using a connector.

This device wraps around the back of your neck and each AirPod slots into either end of the cord. So, if your AirPods fall out of your ears, they’ll land over your shoulders. You can also go one step further and use some tape to make sure they are secure at each end of the connector.

8. Use A Lightning Cable (AirPods Max)

If you own a pair of AirPods Max you may be surprised to know that you can turn them into a wired set. You can do this by using an Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Audio Cable. However, this doesn’t come with your AirPods Max so you’ll need to buy one separately from Apple. Using your AirPods Max in a wired fashion is useful during exercise or when you’re on a plane, for example. You’ll still need to charge your AirPods Max in your charging case though.

9. Use A Key Locator

Key locators have been used for decades to help people find their keys but they’re also especially helpful for finding your AirPods if you’ve lost them at home. All you need to do is attach them to your charging case using the key chain provided. If you’ve lost your case, all you have to do is whistle and your key locator will make a loud beeping noise.

10.  Be More Careful!

The final way to make sure you don’t lose your AirPods is to simply just be more careful! It’s easier said than done in many cases but we all need to try and be more careful. Life these days is hectic and everyone is bouncing from pillar to post without much thought. It’s essential we become more mindful and take our time. In a lot of instances, people lose their AirPods because they’re rushing around. They put them down on a train seat and hop off their stop without remembering to pick them back up.

AirPods cost enough so it’s up to us to treat them for how valuable they are and take better care of them. Take your charging case around with you if you need to. Not only is the charging case harder to lose because it’s bigger, but it will also keep your AirPods safe from wear and tear.

What Could You Do If You Lose Your AirPods?

AirPods misplacement happens. That’s a fact. So, what should you do in case you definitely lose one or both AirPods? Apple has an AirPod replacement program that could help you out in a bind. If your AirPods are lost or stolen, Apple will replace them for a $69 service fee.

How Not To Lose Your AirPods

If you feel like you may lose your AirPods then use these tips and tricks to keep them safe. In fact, you should use a combination of a few of these tips for added protection. Over all else, try to be more careful and treat your AirPods like they’re the most valuable item you own.

Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

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