How Long Does The Apple Watch Take To Charge?

Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches on the market. It’s packed with exciting health features, smart integration with iOS, and a high level of durability. An Apple Watch features a battery that can last up to 18 hours for an overnight charge. But how long does the Apple Watch take to charge? Let’s find out in the section below. 

How Long Does The Apple Watch Take To Charge

An Apple Watch can get fully charged after a couple of hours, but a number of factors can affect the charge time, ranging from the model to the charger used to various environmental factors. That’s why there is no exact charge time for each Apple Watch model, but most of them can get a full charger within a few hours. 

How Long Does The Apple Watch Take To Charge?

Charging time will vary depending on the model you have and the charger used during the process. Here is how long an Apple Watch should take to charge.

Charging time 0% to 80%Charging time 0% to 100%
Apple Watch Series 390 mins120 mins
Apple Watch SE90 mins150 mins
Apple Watch Series 660 mins90 mins
Apple Watch Series 745 mins75 mins
Apple Watch SE (2022)90 mins150 mins
Apple Watch Series 845 mins75 mins
Apple Watch Ultra60 mins90 mins

You may experience a longer charging time if you use a slow charger. Apple recommends you use Magnetic Fast Charging USB-C Cable and Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter to charge your Apple Watch. 

The Apple Watch Ultra, the latest addition to the Apple Watch lineup, only takes 90 minutes to go from 0% to 100% charged, even though it features a larger battery. 

Can I Charge My Apple Watch Without A Charger?

The answer is No. You cannot charge your Apple Watch without a charger. The only way to charge an Apple Watch model is by using a magnetic charger included in the box. 

How Long Does An Apple Watch Battery Last?

As mentioned above, an Apple Watch should last up to 18 hours for an overnight charge. However, the specific time will vary depending on how you use the device. All Apple Watch models use OLED panels, meaning they consume less power than other display types. 

Some watch faces like the Mickey Mouse, or Liquid Metal will eat up more power. If you work out regularly or for an extended period, your watch will need more power to use the various sensors to track your activity. 

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