HomePod Mini vs Nest Audio: Which is Better?

After Apple released the new HomePod mini, you might wonder how it stacks up against other competitors on the smart speaker market. The most common question we’ve been asked recently is how good it’s compared to Google Nest Audio. So, here is our HomePod mini vs Nest Audio comparison.


The latest generation of HomePod comes in a new spherical shape that looks kind of similar to the Amazon Echo 4th. The new design is not only more elegant but also allows for better supports for 360° sound.

At just 3.3 inches tall, the HomPod mini is two times smaller than its competitor, which stands at 6.9 inches tall and 4.89 inches across. Although it is only available in 2 colors, which are White and Space Gray, there is no word on more color options.

HomePod mini vs Nest Audio: Design

Meanwhile, the Nest Audio has a more pill-like appearance. Even though it’s not that attractive compared to the HomePod, it still fits in with most home decor without any problem. On top of that, the Google speaker is wrapped in fabric like its predecessors, giving a good feeling to touch. Also, it has 5 color options (Chalk, Charcoal, Sage, Sand, and Sky) for you to choose from.

Sound Quality

Back in the days, the original HomePod was among the most audio-focused smart speakers. But, the new mini design means that it lacks the power to deliver the same level of audio. However, it still has many new features to make up for that. The HomePod 2 uses a single full-range driver with 2 passive radiators to pump out clear audio. These improvements make it sound perfect at close range.

On the other hand, with a larger size, the Google Nest Audio is equipped enough to deliver fantastic-sounding audio without much distortion. It has a 19mm tweeter and a 75mm mid-woofer, giving it a 76% performance improvement over the original one. Plus, the Nest Audio also has a new feature that adapts its audio performance based on what you play. So, there is no doubt to say that the Nest Audio sound quality is better than the HomPod mini.


The HomePod mini will act as a HomeKit home hub, allowing users to control their smart home from afar remotely, even outside of their home’s Wi-Fi network. Moreover, Apple’s speaker also has cool features like Intercom. It allows users to broadcast a message throughout the entire home and gives listeners the chance to respond.

Unfortunately, the Nest Audio doesn’t offer many new improvements. Most of its features are available on almost any Google Assistant-enabled device.


Both speakers are available for $99. So, choosing between these two devices comes down to your personal preference.

The Verdict

Well, it’s still too early for a final answer! While the HomePod mini is a great option for HomeKit users, the Nest Audio strength lies in its sound quality.

Overall, if you want a feature-rich device that works with HomeKit and other Apple’s devices, then the new HomePod mini is the one! But, if you like Google Assistant and want to stream Spotify through a speaker with good audio quality, try out Nest Audio.

What do think about these new smart speakers? Let us know in the comments!

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