Here is why you should install iOS 12 on your iPhone or iPad right away

Apple iOS is one of the most optimal mobile operating systems on the market. Apple’s operating system has been out there for many years and now powers hundreds of millions of iPhone units out there. iOS has been through lots of major software updates, and it is now better and smarter. Starting with iOS 10, Apple finally opened some aspects of its iOS operating system to third-party developers, allowing users to do a lot more things with their iPhone or iPad. Last year, Apple debuted iOS 11 with a lot of new changes and skills. However, iOS 11 has been showing signs of performance instability since the launch day.

In reality, we have heard a lot of issues iPhone or iPad owners are still facing with Apple’s iOS 11 ranging from the disabled touchscreen and slow performance to crashing and missing battery status indicator. Apple has acknowledged those issues and promises to fix them in the upcoming software updates. At this year’s WWDC event, the Cupertino firm announced iOS 12 after relentless leaks and rumors. iOS 12 really took the center stage at the event, mainly thanks to its exciting features like Screen Time, grouped notifications, group FaceTime, or measure app. iOS 12 is now available as betas, allowing users to get a glimpse of its new features ahead of the final release.

At Apple’s September event, Apple confirmed that the final build of iOS 12 will be available worldwide on September 17. The coolest part is that iOS 12 supports a wide range of Apple devices ranging from iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 to iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. However, you may be wondering if you should update to iOS 12 right away or wait for some time until a stable version comes out.

In the section below, we have cited the best reasons why you should update to iOS 12 on the launch day. Before we begin, Apple will start rolling out iOS 12 on September 17. To check for updates, you can open the Settings app, then select General and select Software Update. Now just simply install any latest software updates.

  1. Better performance

Apple iOS is pretty reliable when it comes to the overall performance. With iOS 12, Apple is promising to fix slow performance issue we have already seen in iOS 11. According to tech experts, iOS 12 delivers two times faster performance when compared to its predecessors.

The coolest part is that iOS 12 is compatible with older Apple iPhones on the market. At WWDC, Apple confirmed that old iPhone models like iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 can run smoothly iOS 12 at launch. Indeed, early testers claim that they have never encountered any lags on an iPhone 5s running iOS 12.

According to tech experts, Apple has decided to reduce some animations and effects in iOS 12 so that it works better on older iPhones. Reports claim that iOS 12 is a leap over its predecessors in terms of performance. Some reliable sources say that iOS 12 is the last software update that supports iPhone 5s. This makes sense seeing that the device was discontinued in 2016.

  1. Notifications

Apple has been busy improving its Notification section in recent years. With iOS 12, you can group notifications, so you can interact with or dismiss multiple notifications from your favorite app at the same time. In reality, the grouped notifications feature is something iPhone owners have been expecting to see for years. Indeed, the feature has been part of Android for a long time, but it seems that iOS does a better job.

iOS 12 also brings improvements to the Do Not Disturb feature. For some background, Do Not Disturb has been around for years, allowing users to silence notifications or alerts. In iOS 12, Apple has added a new feature called Bedtime. Once enabled, the feature automatically mutes notifications at night, as well as hides alerts on the lock screen while your device is locked.

  1. Screen time

With iOS 12, Apple has introduced Screen Time, a handy feature that details how much time you are spending on your iPhone or iPad and using your favorite apps. The coolest part is that the app also shows app usage by category and which apps are sending the most notifications. In reality, Screen Time is not something new out there as it is now part of Android P. Like Android’s counterpart, iOS Screen Time allows you to set time limits for each app on your device. When the time expires, you no longer can use the app. To continue where you left off, you need to request more time or turn off the feature.

Animoji is one of the highlights of iOS 11, allowing you to create custom animated characters. Basically, Animoji takes advantage of the iPhone X’s True Depth camera on the front to map your face and expressions. In iOS 12, Apple added new animoji characters, including a ghost, koala, tiger, and tyrannosaurus rex.

  1. New gestures for iPad

With iOS 12, Apple poured a lot of love into its iPad lineup. Specifically, Apple has introduced tons of gestures for your tablet. For instance, you can swipe down from the right edge of the tablet to quickly access Control Center. To go back to the home screen, you simply need to perform a swipe-up from the bottom of the display. In reality, those gestures are not new out there as they are exclusive to the iPhone X. Besides, you can quickly access the dock by swiping up on the screen. To switch between apps, simply swipe horizontally at the bottom of the display.

iOS 12 will be available worldwide on September 17. Apple is expected to add more features through future updates. One such feature is Group FaceTime. Apple has removed it from the beta of iOS 12 and promises to add it to future iOS updates.

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