Hardware-Related Announcements of WWDC 2021

It is quite disappointing that Apple hasn’t mentioned much about new hardware, including upcoming MacBook models during the WWDC 2021 event. We were hoping for some kind of announcement to coincide with the release of the MacBook Pro 2021, albeit not entirely sure when that will be. Because although rumours stated that we will see a MacBook Pro release this year, we are yet to get the Price, Spec or release date. However, there are some hardware-related updates that you should know that was announced at the WWDC 2021.

HomePod Mini

HomePod Mini is now more capable, with the ability to accept requests on TV shows. If you want to plan certain content on Apple TV, you can verbally give the command through Homepod Mini. As an example, just say, “Hey Siri, play HBO on Apple TV”. If you want to listen to music through Apple TV, you can use Homepod Mini to do that. Apple confirms that Siri will integrate with third-party devices and this will integrate Homepod Mini with a smart home system. A smart thermostat can comply with a Siri request If you have an Homepod in the bedroom.


Just like smartwatches, the iPhone will be increasingly more capable in tracking your physical status. New technology for the iPhone may measure your coordination, stability and balance. Called Walking Steadiness, it is a new metric from Apple. When users have higher risks of failing, the iPhone will warn them. The Apple iPhone can now store medical records of users and these include various details, including historical data about cholesterol level and blood pressure. The medical information can be shared with hospitals to ensure real-time tracking.


The iPad will have improved multitasking capabilities, so it could operate more like a laptop. With a separate keyboard and mouse, it is practically possible to operate the iPad like a lightweight laptop, but there are still some hurdles in terms of multitasking capabilities. The iPadOS is still not comparable to Windows and macOS, in terms of multitasking capabilities. Now, app developers can take advantage of this feature to better improve usability.


AirPods now have a new feature called Conversation Boost that makes it easier for anyone to comprehend conversation, especially in a busy and noisy environment. In order to improve audio quality, users may perform adjustments on the level of background noise. It is now easier for Siri to provide important warnings and notifications through AirPods.

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pros It is quite unfortunate that Apple hasn’t mentioned anything about MacBook in WWDC 2021. However, we heard that Apple will release a new MacBook Pro with an improved processor. After the ground-breaking M1 chipset, it appears Apple has prepared the M1X and M2. The new processor should be able to ensure good performance, which is satisfactory for regular MacBook Pro users. The new MacBook Pro will have a 16-inch display and this family of laptop traditionally uses an Intel processor. By migrating to M-series processors, Apple can benefit from improved flexibility and independence. The company can better decide what to do with the processor and compatibility with macOS will be assured. Apple showcased the Pro Display XDR two years ago, but it’s still quite pricey at $5,000. This could be the beginning of a new MacBook generation and if future M-series processors are more capable, it is perfectly possible for Apple to migrate completely from Intel’s products. It’s an ideal situation to have proprietary A-series and M-series chips in its ecosystem. Let’s hope there’s enough security software on the new MacBook to boost Anti-virus software.

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